MSW Student Information & Resources

Information and resources on advising, the curriculum, career resources, honor society, mentoring program and much more.

Learn more about academic advising, the curriculum and field education, and registration and application to candidacy forms.
These resources will help you learn more about career options and assist you in preparing for a successful job search and career in social work. 
Rho Kappa is the School of Social Work's Chapter of the Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society.
The school facilitates an exciting mentoring program that links current students with alumni.
The student handbook is a comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving during your graduate studies.

Field Education Information

Expanding perspectives through hands-on education and research with community organizations -- it's how our MSW students are empowered to affect real-world change before they even walk across the stage.
Immersion in other environments and cultures enables social workers to expand their sense of self-awareness and cultural consciousness. Our transformational international and out-of-region field placements help students broaden their global perspective to better understand and address social injustice.
Placements with an enhanced curricular focus generally include classroom seminars or networking sessions. Some may also provide stipends or awards.  A selection of these opportunities is highlighted below.