Field placements in other countries or regions are developed by our field education staff in partnership with the student and an interested organization. The policies outlined here apply to international, out-of-region and regional immersion placements (advanced year only).


Our curriculum allows for “block” or immersion placements (in which 480 hours are completed in one semester) in the final spring or summer of the MSW program.

If you wish to request approval to pursue an immersion placement in your advanced year, you must do so before the due date for advanced year field applications. This timeframe reflects the significant time required to secure legal affiliation and ensure potential placements meet School of Social Work program requirements.

A placement must be included in one of the following categories to be considered for an immersion placement:

  1. Out of region/out of state
  2. International
  3. Regional agencies: Only agencies with approved block placement options. The Field Education Office does not have a pool of immersion sites available but will work one-on-one with students to explore the feasibility of particular block placements in the region

Students should not approach agencies directly to request block placements.


The field education director must assess and approve all block placement options. To be eligible, you must be in good standing and not involved in a review process.

Due to the greater demands placed on students in an immersion placement, you must submit three recommendation forms and exemplify excellence in all areas of the program to be approved. The additional standard of proof is required because you will be further beyond the school’s resources if the need for additional support arises.