Information Sessions and Appointments

Our information session videos cover many commonly asked questions across multiple topics. Feel free to watch some or all of them, depending on where you are in your decision making process. If you have additional or specific questions, you can also schedule an appointment to talk with our Director of Recruitment and Admissions.  

If you are interested in a dual-degree program or a doctoral program, please schedule an appointment with our Director of Recruitment and Admissions (link below).

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Informational Videos

We updated our videos to be shorter, more topical, and hopefully, more engaging! Click on the videos below to watch!

Live Virtual Information Sessions

We will be adding more live sessions as they are scheduled. 

In the meantime, check the program of study pages to request an information session recording.

MSW Programs Information Session

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
6:00 - 7:00 p.m. EST

Schedule an Individual Appointment

Have specific questions? Register for an individual appointment with our Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Lauren McGowan.

Appointments with the Director of Recruitment and Admissions are 20 minutes. She is the best person to answer questions about our program tracks and qualifications, the application process, and tuition and funding. On the sign up form, you can select whether you want a phone or video chat appointment.