Explore the Social Work Profession

A group of people listening to a presentation in Haiti.

Former SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson (wearing hat and striped shirt) listens to a presentation during a recent visit to Arcahaie, Haiti, site of a proposed sustainable village and learning community. Read more about the project.

Is social work the right career for me?

Social work is a demanding yet extremely rewarding profession. The special people who choose this field as their career path have a passion for helping vulnerable people and communities and advocating for social justice and human dignity.

Social workers touch lives in every aspect of society, from mental and physical health and well-being to education, the environment and the justice system. Success in social work requires commitment and dedication, no matter the setting. We hope that the resources below will help you to make an informed decision about pursuing this meaningful profession.

Social workers practice in an array of settings and with diverse populations. Learn about what social work is, the role of social workers and types of social workers.

From nonprofit agencies and clinics to hospitals, schools and beyond, social workers improve lives in every corner of society. Explore different practice areas through the experiences of our alumni and students.

Social workers must possess certain qualities to provide the best services for their clients. Here are the top 10 characteristics and traits of successful social workers.

A strong code of ethics and values guide social workers in their professional activities to ensure they provide the very best service and advocacy for their clients. Learn about the six core values of social work and related ethical principles.