Undergraduate Education

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As an undergraduate student at UB, you have exciting options to explore in the School of Social Work and gain an introduction to the field. You can select from an array of courses that concentrate on social justice and racial equity and build your knowledge and skills to promote community and individual change.

Academic Programs

Elective Spotlight: SW 130 Dismantling Blackness: Becoming Antiracist

This course is an opportunity to engage in deep political education on the historical and contemporary manifestations of racism, as well as historical and contemporary forms of resistance. We're learning about how folks come together, organize, and harness power to transform anti-Blackness into collective liberation. My hope is that students leave the class not only with shifts in personal analysis but also with vision and plans for being part of power-building social movement organizations. 

- Instructor Josal Diebold

"Dismantling Anti-Blackness empowered me with the tools to work through problems and scenarios concerning race in America in an educational, practical, active, and relatable way. I have learned how to look at the challenging experience of Black people with ease because I know how and where to look for help and guidance. Overall, I believe SW 130 ignited a spirit of relationship building that I was not too keen on just a few years ago. I am confident that on my journey in life, I will continue to pull from the materials in SW 130." – Senior, Nakkia 


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Questions about our undergraduate education opportunities? Contact Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Filomena Critelli.

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