3+2 Partner Programs

This unique partnership program allows undergraduate students from a college or university other than UB to earn both their bachelor’s degree and their master’s in social work in only five years. 

Canisius College 3 + 2 Partner Program - Overview and Curriculum

Canisius College students enrolled in either the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in psychology may be eligible to apply to the 3 + 2 program. If accepted, those students can pursue the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree rather than entering into a fourth year of undergraduate study. This allows students to complete both bachelor's and MSW degrees in less time/credits than if completed separately. 

The Canisius College/University at Buffalo 3 +2 program is intended for high school graduates enrolling at Canisius College and majoring in psychology. Total program length: 5 years full-time (3 years undergraduate + 2 years graduate).

If you are enrolled at Canisius College but taking a different major, or are attending a different undergraduate institution, you can apply directly to one of our other MSW programs once you complete your bachelor's degree.

3 + 2 Undergraduate BA/BS Portion

First, you'll complete three years of undergraduate coursework towards your BA or BS in psychology, administered by the  College of Arts and Sciences at Canisius College. If you are not already a student at Canisius, you'll need to apply for admission.

For questions about undergraduate requirements/courses, contact Dr. Charles Goodsell, chair of the Canisius College Psychology Department, at goodselc@canisius.edu or 716-888-2527.

If you are an undergraduate transfer student, the five-year timeline may not be possible based on your transfer credits. Have your credits evaluated and meet with the Canisius Psychology Department Chair before applying to the BA or BS program to make sure the course of study and timeline will still work for you. 

3 + 2 Graduate Application

Students start the application process to the 3 + 2 program during their third year of study at Canisius College in order to ensure that all degree and prerequisite program requirements will be successfully completed.


During their junior undergraduate year (or equivalent), Canisius psychology students must meet with the Canisius Psychology Department chair to begin the eligibility screening process. Students must be on track to meet the following Canisius prerequisites by the end of their junior year.

  1. Be a BA or BS psychology major at Canisius College
  2. Have 90 credits completed, including the common core and psychology major requirements
  3. Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  4. Have a “C” or greater in all psychology courses

If approved by the Canisius Psychology Department Chair, a screening form will be completed and provided to UB SSW admissions. Students may then move to Step 2. 


Complete an application to the UB School of Social Work 3 + 2 MSW program option. In addition to the above prerequisites, applicants must also meet the UB SSW prerequisites. The application process and requirements are the same as the Traditional Full-Time MSW program. The UB School of Social Work will issue a final decision after reviewing the graduate application.

3 + 2 Graduate MSW Portion

If admitted to the graduate portion, you will be enrolled as a University at Buffalo School of Social Work graduate student as you complete the two-year MSW program.

As a 3 + 2 student in the graduate portion, you'll follow the same curriculum as the Traditional Full-Time MSW students. 

3 + 2 Tuition Structure

3 + 2 students will pay the undergraduate Canisius tuition and apply for financial aid from Canisius for the first three years of study. Once accepted to the graduate MSW program, students will be billed the MSW tuition rate and apply for financial aid as graduate students via the University at Buffalo for the last two years.

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