Communications Toolbox

Help build the UB School of Social Work's brand and reputation with our many constituents.

This toolbox will enable you to create communications and execute campaigns that best showcase your program, research or unit. It includes custom content and resources for the School of Social Work, created based on the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Some links will require you to validate that you are a member of the UBSSW or to log in to a shared UB Box folder. 

Faculty and Staff: Reach out to tell us about your research, stories about community partnerships, interesting class projects and more.

How we can support you

Our team manages communications and marketing for the School of Social Work, incorporating UB's brand strategy and visual identity, ensuring consistent messaging, and highlighting the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, school and partners.

With limited bandwidth, we prioritize planned, strategic school-wide and university-wide initiatives. The source and level of service we can provide you will depend on:

  • Skill availability
  • Available bandwidth
  • Budget and cost

Please contact us as early as possible:

When to contact us

The school’s Communications team works to effectively conduct marketing and communications outreach that support SSW’s strategy and the university’s brand. Please consult with the SSW Communications team for support with any initiative that:

  • Has high public visibility or will be sent:
    • Outside of UB
    • To all UB students, faculty and staff
  • May generate or heighten the school’s visibility in conversations about inflammatory topics
  • Is in response to issues or concerns voiced on social media and may be seen as the “official” position of UB or the SSW
  • Involves paid media or advertising
  • Announces a new SSW product or service
  • Requires any outside vendor (as of fall 2020, there is a limited list of approved vendors for graphic design and advertising)


  • Brand Guidelines and Logos
    Guidelines for maintaining a strong, consistent visual presence for the UB School of Social Work, including logos, approved colors and fonts.
  • Digital Signage
    Guidelines for creating and submitting content that can be displayed on digital screens around the School of Social Work.
  • Inclusive Communications Guide
    Resources to help you incorporate the school's values of diversity, equity and inclusion into your communications.
  • Photography and Video
    Guidance for where to find our photography, and tips for using videos and YouTube, including branded graphics and slides for download.
  • Promoting Your Events
    Best practices for hosting and promoting your events, including information on the UB Events Calendar system.
  • Social Media
    Tools, tips and best practices for social media in the School of Social Work, and a list of all our channels.
  • Templates and Tools
    Find the resources you need to convey your message effectively, including PowerPoint presentations, event collateral, poster templates and more.