Social Media

Tools, tips and best practices for social media in the School of Social Work, and a list of all out channels.

Current channels

These are the approved social media channels for the School of Social Work. No new channels may be launched without permission. Please contact Sarah Watson to ask questions or discuss further. 



Ask Pat Shelly (Twitter) or Sarah Watson (all other channels) for assistance.

Help us share your news on social media

We encourage you to reach out to Pat Shelly (Twitter) and Sarah Watson (all others), should you have news, events, announcements you would like featured on our main social media channels. The information will be reviewed for appropriateness and added to our social media calendar if approved. Please give us a minimum of two week notice, if at all possible. 

Please provide as much information as possible about your news, including high resolution images, details, relevant hashtags, direct website link, etc.

Important Things to Consider When Managing a Social Media Site

Owning and managing a social media site carries special responsibilities:
  • Being prepared to monitor the page daily, including weekends, holidays, and breaks.
  • Posting new content and keep it fresh every few days.
  • Responding to inquiries within 24 hours. The web doesn’t stop when you leave the office or classroom and neither should your commitment to monitor and respond via social networks. A social media page with little activity reflects poorly on your department and on the university as a whole.
  • Responding to comments or moderate dialogue at least once every 24 hours.
  • Recruiting a “backup manager” and well-defined “succession plan” for the point you leave the school or are unable to perform your social media duties.
  • Ensuring model/consent release forms have been completed and signed by the subjects of any photos or videos from nonpublic events. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian signature must also be obtained in advance. Model consent/release forms are available from School of Social Work communications staff.

UB School of Social Work presences on social media sites are considered to be an extension of the website, and most guidelines that apply to the website (such as brand and identity guidelines) will also apply to your social media site.

Additionally, anything we do on social as UBSSW – whether we share, retweet, comment, like a post – is an implied endorsement. It requires a lot of thought when we’re on social as UB.

Rule of thumb is to determine whether to react to a post (like, retweet, comment, etc.):

  1. If it is civil and the conversation is under control.
  2. If it conveys an informed point of view and furthers constructive discussion (and it’s not just flaming emotion).
  3. It is generally considered defensible and is supported by the rigorous science, research and best practices of the social work discipline.

Social Media Comment Guidelines

UB loves hearing from our readers. Comments have a real impact on how and what we cover and we welcome and encourage open, thoughtful discussion. We apply the Comment Guidelines to help our readers share their thoughts in safe and engaging digital spaces.