Digital Signage Submission Guidelines and Policy

Disclaimer: Slides are subject to approval by IT and Communications staff. Alterations to submitted slides may be necessary to adjust for appropriateness, size and quality.

Digital Signage Policy

The purpose of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work's digital signage is to support the mission of the University and School through content that encourages involvement through advertising of events and opportunities for the campus community.

The digital signs promote social work-related activities, events and educational opportunities by providing well-produced, eye-catching advertisements to a large internal audience, with the goals of improving communication across campus, increasing attendance at events, and informing the campus community of world and University news — all while assisting and building broad-based support for the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service. Each advertisement has a short time frame to tell a story, due to the rotating nature of digital signage, so well-designed concise messages are critical.

The purpose of the Digital Signage Policy is to ensure accuracy, consistency, integrity and protection of the identity and image of the University by providing a set of minimum standards and guidelines for digital signage content.

How to Request Digital Signage

Place a service request to add a slide to digital signage, providing at least five days’ notice, especially for timely events. Indicate if you wish the slide to run on all displays in Baldy Hall (one on 1st floor, three on 6th floor) and two in Parker Hall, and how long you wish for it to run. SSW will review slides as needed for approval.

Signage Format, Dimensions and Tips

You may create a slide in PowerPoint using the Standard size (4:3 ratio); widescreen or portrait/vertical format is not ideal for our horizontal screens. (To change PPT size, go to design tab and to the slide size button at far right.) Other acceptable formats include jpg, jpeg, png.

  • Please use large fonts, with UB approved colors, and/or black and white font. Simple is best, staying with Arial or Georgia font is recommended (they’re brand approved).
  • Include high resolution images when possible.
  • Less is more, don’t add too much text, especially for events. Slides only run for about 10 seconds each.
  • Recommended event info: event title, date, time, location, link to register using customized tinyurl or
  • Double check slide for spelling and grammar.

Visit the UB Brand website for all approved colors, fonts, graphics, etc.

Example of Digital Signage

Instructions for Other UB Units Requesting Digital Signage Placement

Contact Sarah Watson with your digital signage slide. UBSSW will review signage for appropriateness, and get back to you on whether it meets our standards and will be displayed. 

Please review the section above, "Signage Format, Dimensions and Tips" -- we use this as a guide for approval. If the submitted signage does not meet these standards, your request could be denied. Posters created as print collateral are typically too small to make fit and be legible on our digital signage, epsecially those that are portrait orientation.