Contact Our Field Education Staff

Katie C. Stalker

Associate Professor; Director of Field Education

Research Interests: youth violence prevention; community-based participatory research; community-centered violence prevention; community partnership; field education

634 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-6444; Fax: 716-645-3456


Marjorie Quartley.

Marjorie Quartley

Assistant Director of Field Education

635 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1233; Fax: 716-645-3157


Michael Lynch

Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education

Research Interests: Field education; technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in social work practice and learning; community organizing and development; social innovation; social work services in schools

637 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1236; Fax: 716-645-3157


Alexander Rubin

Clinical Assistant Professor, Field Education

Research Interests: field education; acceptance and commitment therapy; health care access; self-care for the professional; professional resilience; immigrant and refugee rights

647 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1225; Fax: 716-645-3157


Laura Turnbull

LMSW, Placement Coordinator

Kathryn E. B. Griswold.

Kathryn E. B. Griswold

Administrative Field Coordinator

636 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1234; Fax: 716-645-3157