Career Resources

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These resources will help you learn more about career options and assist you in preparing for a successful job search and career in social work. 

  • Career Exploration
    Having an understanding of how your unique interests, values, skills and experiences is just as important as understanding your options within the broad field of social work. These resources will help guide both self and career exploration. 
  • Job Search
    Application materials such as your resume and cover letter are important tools in securing field placements and job opportunities. They serve as a means of introduction to an employer, and effective resumes and cover letters clearly communicate the match between your qualifications and skills to the job opportunity at hand. Making that connection for the employer will motivate them to reach out and schedule an interview with you, which is often the first step in securing employment. 
  • Professional Development
    The learning does not stop once you complete your degree! Here you will find information about professional associations, pursuing licensure, and continuing education in the field of social work.