Employment Posting

Name of Organization: Crisis Services
Job Title: Mobile Outreach Counselor II
Part-time or Full-time: Full-time
Job Location: 100 River Rock Drive, Suite 300, Buffalo, NY 14207
Start Date: Wednesday, Sep. 2, 2020
Job Description: Summary: The Outreach Counselors II of the Emergency Outreach and Trauma Response Program are responsible for providing on-site crisis intervention and assessments to individuals in crisis or emergency mental health situations, as well as providing trauma response services for individuals having experienced a traumatic event. The primary goals of this program are client safety, suicide prevention, and hospital diversion. Other tasks relating to these goals are assigned as needed. Responsibilities: Provide short-term crisis intervention services in the community, which includes intake, outreach visits, telephone lethality monitoring, linkage, and follow-up services. The population is primarily, but not exclusively, adults. Provide mental health evaluations to assess for need for involuntary transport under Section 9.45 of the New York State Mental Hygiene Law; provide signature for 9.45 documents. Provide assessment to determine suicide lethality or dangerousness to others, mental status, and other behavioral, cognitive, and/or affective indicators as required. Provide Critical Incident Stress Management to individuals or groups affected by traumatic events, as well as provide appropriate follow-up and referral services, and subsequent documentation. Complete all required charting, casework, documentation, and computer entry, on a timely basis. Maintain a working knowledge of the mental health and human service system in Erie County in order to provide appropriate referral and linkage for clients served. Attend and participate in all required training, staff meetings, and case conferences, as indicated by program managers. Assist in providing coverage in other agency programs in emergency situations or staff shortage situations as required by agency managers. Engage in agency or community projects or work groups that contribute to the agency and/or program mission. Engage in supervision on a regular basis. Maintain and increase skills in the field through trainings in the agency and/or community. Provide marketing and/or educational presentations to the community, or training to other agency staff, as assigned by program managers. Assist in the training of new staff and students, as assigned by a supervisor. Assume on-call and back-up responsibilities, consistent with program needs and collective bargaining agreement. Participate in the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) as a disaster worker should the need arise. Maintain a valid NYS driver's license and have access to a usable vehicle. Secure and maintain all necessary certification and professional licensing, as dictated by profession. All other duties assigned by program managers.
Required Qualifications: Qualifications: Master's degree and licensure in Social Work (LMSW or LCSW), or Master's degree and licensure in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC), or Master's degree and permit in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC-P), Plus, one year of supervised experience (pre- or post-graduate) providing services to individuals in a mental health setting
How to Apply: Indeed.com or through our website
Contact: Jcrane@crisisservices.org
Website: http://crisisservices.org