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Sarah Castner, MSW '04

Our students benefit from a collaborative environment, experienced faculty, and customized programs in a school ranked in the top 10 percent of the country’s schools of social work.

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An education from the UB School of Social Work provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to help people rediscover their strengths and resiliency as they transform their lives. Our programs also focus on and prepare you to take action in program and policy arenas at local, national and global levels.
Our highly ranked MSW program will prepare you for a career in helping people create truly transformational changes in their lives.
Our MSW Online part-time program offers the in-depth knowledge and skill building of our traditional program.
We embrace research as a means of social change, and our interdisciplinary PhD program will prepare you for conducting research of consequence.
Our MSW/PhD program prepares you for a career in conducting research of consequence.
Our BA/MSW program prepares you for advanced practice in social work.
"A big part of the SSW is being challenged and doing some hard thinking about helping others and what it means to be a social worker." Brad Loliger, JD/MSW '13
With our MBA/MSW program, you’ll discover how to apply managerial and economic principles to social work practice to lead more effective service agencies and to create new programs and policies.
“I think trauma is the link between the majority of the work that social workers and public health practitioners do. If you work with people, you work with trauma; that’s just how it is, whether you’re a counselor or a health policy maker."- Lauren Kroening, MPH/MSW '16 
Hands-on social work will be central to your academic experience as an MSW student at the University at Buffalo.
Professional development, licensure requirement, MSW application strengthening — no matter what the reason, an online elective course is a great way to take advantage of a flexible, high quality learning opportunity. Whether you are an MSW student, applicant or already a human service professional, we invite you to become a part of the UB School of Social Work family.

We offer students an educational opportunity that is enriched by exposure to diverse cultures, both on campus and through study abroad.