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Joining Forces: UB Partnership for Excellence in Veteran Care (UBPEVC), a project developed to provide excellence in training and service delivery for health care providers serving Veterans and military families in our region.

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The Buffalo Center for Social Research facilitates Social Work faculty and graduate students’ research programs by providing assistance in securing extramural support for their scholarly, research, teaching and community service activities through individual, collaborative and interdisciplinary grant proposal submissions.
Under the umbrella of the Buffalo Center for Social Research are housed various centers and institutes where interdisciplinary researchers with similar interests collaborate to examine critical research questions through externally funded research. The vital research being conducted through these enterprises, as well as those new ventures we expect to develop in the coming years, will assist in expanding our real-world impact.
Research associates are investigators who find a supportive research environment at the Buffalo Center for Social Research.
The Buffalo Center for Social Research assists researchers in generating grant proposals that are successfully supported through a variety of external funding sources.
The Buffalo Center for Social Research has a core staff of individuals with an array of skills and expertise that support the Center’s day-to-day operations. Also housed within the Center are current project directors. The Center is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Les Brun Endowment
les brun

The Buffalo Center for Social Research administers a pilot funding program established through the generous financial donations of Les Brun (BSW '74).

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