Under the umbrella of the Buffalo Center for Social Research are housed various centers and institutes where interdisciplinary researchers with similar interests collaborate to examine critical research questions through externally funded research.

The vital research being conducted through these enterprises, as well as those new ventures we expect to develop in the coming years, will assist in expanding our real-world impact.

The Behavioral Health Clinic (BHC) helps UB translate addictions research into effective treatments for individuals with drinking problems.
Based on human rights perspectives, the members of the IRRI utilize research as a tool to sustain the dignity of every immigrant and refugee.
The Institute for Healthy Engagement and Resilience with Technology (iHeartTech) works to develop and strengthen beneficial and ethical approaches to engage, intervene, and evaluate the best ways to use technology with people who are vulnerable, and those who serve them.
Our mission is to promote and support global engagement, collaboration and professional action among social work faculty, students, graduates and staff.
Provides research and training for organizations regarding trauma and trauma-informed care through evaluation, trauma-specific treatment interventions, training, and more.
The purpose of UBARI is to initiate, encourage, support and conduct interdisciplinary joint research in the social and behavioral sciences as it relates to identified areas of need.