Volunteer Posting

Name of Organization: HEEALS (NGO INDIA)
Potition Title: COVID Relief Aid Coordinator
Service Commitment Details: 30 hours per week,saturaday and sunday is off .one hour lunch break everyday
Position Location: Gurgaon,India
Start Date: Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022
Position Description: About 20% To 30% Of the volunteer project contain field work. Which includes visit of school ,villages ,slums or refugee camps or meeting with marginalized communities of the village or orphan homes and organize workshop on projects and meet children and local community And About 70% To 80% of the volunteer project work will be in the office . Which includes ,Research and Development on the project , Conduct both primary and secondary research ,Report making and documentation ,Social media management ,Fundraising both online and Field Fundraising ,Marketing and Advertising ,Proposal Making ,Making Info-Graphic Poster , Contact Grant making and Donor for Funds , Communication with national or international organization,CSR ,University ,Schools and other companies for partnership and in different engagement program ,Project Making and Implementation Making recycle paper handicraft ,Bead making and greeting cards ,Teach basic English to children , Make lesson plans for children , Tell motivational stories,work on the implementation of the project and support the organization . Maintain office administration work and any other task assigned by Director. And any others task assigned by supervisor .Note : Above task may be more or less according to the project need and demand .
Required Qualifications: Undergraduate,Graduate
How to Apply: Interested volunteers ,please send CV at : communications@heeals.org or gaurav@heeals.org
Contact: Gaurav Kashyap
Website: http://heeals.org/