SW 625 Professional Development & Advanced Professional Learning Networks in Direct Practice

3 credits

This course integrates content from the Pro-Sems I and II and course work on translational and implementation sciences into a cohesive whole, which is central to advanced professional practice with vulnerable populations using a TI-HR perspective. The course provides students opportunities to demonstrate their expertise in conceptualizing TI-HR best practices with vulnerable populations as central to career planning as advanced clinical doctorates in emerging fields of practice. The process involves transitioning from being a participant in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and professional learning networks (PLNs) to assuming leadership roles in bringing TI-HR perspectives to advanced clinical evidence-based practice with vulnerable populations. Students are expected to demonstrate leadership in initiating collaboration within a PLN to bring experts on targeted populations and problems together to translate research to practice through implementation strategies. Students are expected to demonstrate skills in bridging research to practice to research as a continuous loop in augmenting best practices with best implementation strategies. Finally, students will utilize their PLN to explore the multiple career paths open to those with advanced practice doctorates and a focus on implementation science and translational practice.