SW 631 Professional Seminar I: Trauma-Informed/Human Rights Problem Formulation and Assessment Strategies in Direct Practice

3 credits

This course builds on knowledge acquired in previous course work including: the knowledge about current research on human behavior, the use of professional learning networks and information and communication technologies, and the knowledge of the neurobiological basis of behaviors and the impact of the use of psychopharmacology on behaviors. Students will learn how to best integrate and implement those elements into research on best practices in direct practice settings in the assessment and goal setting processes with clients. Key to this course will be the evaluation of human rights barriers in direct practice settings in order to amend evidence based practice assessment and goal setting models within a trauma informed and human rights (TI-HR) framework. Students will incorporate current research to learn how to evaluate both normative and non-normative behaviors in direct practice assessments and problem formulations within cultural contexts utilizing a TI-HR-informed perspective. Students in this course will modify assessment protocols (research to TI-HR practice) and outcome goal setting (i.e. translational research of TI- HR best practices). Particular emphasis will be placed on improving direct practice for clients served in multidisciplinary practice settings.