SW 632 Professional Seminar II: Integrating Translational Strategies in Intervention Decisions

3 credits

This course builds on Pro-Seminar I (pre-requisite). Students will utilize the professional literature, their PLNs and ICTs, and research findings through a synchronous process in formulating evidence-based practice implementation strategies that embrace TI-HR informed interventions. Students will compare the effectiveness of interventions with targeted populations by employing translational research strategies in the assessment of EB TI-HR informed treatments. Additionally, students will examine the variable roles of advanced direct practice social workers in various settings within hierarchical structures in the development of interventions for targeted populations. Students will develop implementation strategies on how best to translate research to practice in the adaptation of evidence-based interventions across disciplines within the context and dimensions of human rights and diversity. Students will utilize information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) in the development of targeted evidence-based TI-HR informed best practices for targeted populations.