SW 633 Professional Seminar III: Implementation of Best Practices in Advanced Direct Practice

3 credits

This course builds on the knowledge and skills developed in Pro-Seminars I and II. In consultations with and through interactions with the student’s professional learning network as well as using information and communication technology resources, students will implement a TI-HR evidence-based intervention into direct practice with vulnerable populations. The course is central to developing skills deploying implementation science strategies in adapted interventions for use in a direct practice setting and across professional boundaries. Central to this Proseminar is integrating content from earlier Pro-seminars and course work in the formulation of advanced evidence based TI-HR intervention models. In this course students will use implementation strategies to execute the interventions in direct practice settings. This course is the next step in implementation science to translate research to direct practice with client populations. Students will use ongoing feedback loops within practice settings and within professional learning networks (PLNs) and information and communication technology (ICT) resources to ensure optimal client and program outcomes that include delimiting human rights barriers to effective implementation. Students are expected to evaluate and refine treatment protocols to achieve optimal outcomes.