SW 634 Professional-Seminar IV: Capstone Project

3 credits

This course represents the culmination of prior Pro-Seminars and course work and results in the dissemination of knowledge as an advanced doctoral level direct practice social worker. Central to the course is the demonstration of skills in translational practice (research to TI-HR practice) and implementation strategies culminating in the dissemination of findings using a wide variety of technology-based outlets. Through the capstone project, students demonstrate the integration and application of core course content and electives into an evidence-based, traumainformed and human rights treatment model within the context of direct practice with client(s). It is expected that students will deliver presentations at local, national, and international conferences using feedback from professional learning networks and information and communication technology resources to further develop both treatment skills and dissemination skills. Students are expected to contribute to professionals’ knowledge of technology by providing workshops, written materials or other information that can be disseminated on theory to research to practice in advanced direct practice with vulnerable populations.