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Global Luncheon: LGBTQ+ in the Global Context: Understanding Human Rights Issues From An International and Local Perspective

Monday, Feb. 5, 2018, 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

684 Baldy Hall, North Campus


Global Interest Group


Shannon Linehan (sdlineha@buffalo.edu)

The LGBTQ+ population comes across significant challenges in regards to discrimination and human rights inequities. These inequities are experienced differently across
countries according to laws and cultures. As social workers who operate from a
foundation of human rights and a trauma-informed perspective, implications that stem from these disparities are important for us to understand in order to advocate on the
micro, mezzo, and macro level.

Join the UB School of Social Work as we hear from a local activist and expert in LGBTQ+ rights and awareness, Steve Jagord. Mr. Jagord will discuss the basic human rights
violations faced by the LGBTQ+ population globally and locally. He will also touch on
current trends across the world, what policies look like for the LGBTQ+ population in different countries, and highlight this issue locally by speaking about the local LGBTQ+ refugee and asylum population.

Global to Local Luncheons are a 1-hour presentation on an international issue through the Social Work lens. Luncheons are presented by an expert in the topic area and food is catered by a local restaurant which is typically immigrant-owned. Free and open to public.

Luncheons are also streamed live via gotomeeting:

Access Code: 162-685-637