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International Education Week: Social Work Without Borders

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, 12:50 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.

109 O'Brian Hall, North Campus


Office of International Student and Scholar Services

Sarah Richards-Desai and Shannon Linehan

Margaret Roche, (716) 645-2258 (meroche@buffalo.edu)

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The UB School of Social Work has proudly served as a sponsor of World Refugee Day in Western New York for many years. This annual community event aligns with the values of the UNHCR World Refugee Day while reflecting the diverse communities and interests here in Western New York. World Refugee Day in Western New York was initiated by a UB School of Social Work alum with a refugee background from Iraq and sustained through the efforts of community members and UB School of Social Work students on the planning committee. The commemoration also represents an opportunity for community outreach for many educational institutions and departments. As national dialogue questions the safety and trustworthiness of our newcomer communities, events such as World Refugee Day provide opportunities for the face-to-face connection and learning so critical for learning on multiple levels. In addition to serving alongside ethnic community leaders to facilitate connections and welcome newcomers, social workers collaborate with students and faculty from across the university to engage with refugees in Buffalo. Our presenters describe their roles in the World Refugee Day planning committee and synthesize these experiences with a social work perspective, using a capabilities approach to community social work and organizing.