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Global Human Rights: Transitional justice and reconciliation challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Monday, Oct. 25, 2021, 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

684 Baldy Hall, North Campus

Free/Lunch included

UBSSW Institute for Sustainable Global Engagement (ISGE) and Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy

Dr. Ehlimana Memsevic, PhD, Fulbright Scholar, Vanderbilt University; Department of Legal History and Comparative Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo

Dr. Filomena Critelli or Dr. Laura Lewis (fmc8@buffalo.edu)

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Join us for a presentation by visiting Fulbright Scholar Ehlimana Memisevic, PhD, for a first-hand account of the reconciliation challenges faced in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the aftermath of the war that took place from 1992 through 1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina which involved systematic violence and genocidal campaigns of ethnic cleansing that resulted in more than 100,000 deaths, some 2.5 million displaced, 800,000 destroyed homes and the widespread abuse of human rights. The presentation will provide insight into the impact of war crimes denial which started immediately after or even during the genocide and has changed form over time. This denial of historical truth and collective memory prevents the wounds inflicted by the genocide from healing, obstructs the reconciliation process, and increases the risk of the future genocides. She will also discuss how genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now used as an inspiration for terrorists and far-right extremists around the world.

Advance registration required via the Baldy Center website. Participants can register for the in-person event or to participate virtually via zoom.

Please note: Lunch is from 12-12:30 pm for in-person attendees.
The presentation will begin at 12:30 pm. for those attending by zoom.

See http://www.buffalo.edu/baldycenter/events/speakers.html for registration information.