Join Our Training Team

trainer facilitating a group session.

Expert clinicians and trainers are continually recruited to provide current content in both clinical and administrative topics. We seek the best so that we can give the very best back to our community!

When you train for us, it counts toward your NYSED contact hours!

For those who are New York LMSWs, LCSWs, LCSW-Rs,  LMHCs, LCATs, or LMFTs, NYSED has a process allowing you to count training for an approved provider as hours needed to renew your license registration. Check the Continuing Education FAQ sections for your license for details on calculating contact hours.

1. For licensed social workers: refer to FAQ 20 & 21.

2. For LMHC, LCAT and LMFT: refer to this page to locate your license section in the left vertical column and  locate FAQ 20 & 21 in the applicable continuing education link.