As social workers, therapists and other human service professionals, we support people as they proceed in a path of healing. As we journey with them, we often have the honor of seeing people reveal the parts of themselves that they have kept hidden behind their “curtain.”

Our blog addresses client needs and situations that you may encounter in your work. The goal is to provide information that you can use in practice and to inspire you to learn even more.

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Umbrella with descending image and text combinations as follows: Light bulb with Trauma-Informed, Hand holding heart with Trauma-Sensitive and clipboard checklist with Trauma-Specific

In January 2019, the UB School of Social Work Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (ITTIC) released its free Trauma-Informed Organizational Change Manual, designed to help organizations and systems plan for, implement and sustain trauma-informed culture change.

Published 3/5/19