Trauma-Informed Organizational Change Manual

Umbrella with descending image and text combinations as follows: Light bulb with Trauma-Informed, Hand holding heart with Trauma-Sensitive and clipboard checklist with Trauma-Specific.

In January 2019, the UB School of Social Work Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (ITTIC) released its free Trauma-Informed Organizational Change Manual, designed to help organizations and systems plan for, implement and sustain trauma-informed culture change.

According to ITTIC authors, “the manual begins with a conceptual overview of the different components of a trauma-informed approach that informs the organizational change process. It is then separated into three main sections that will deliberately walk you through the stages of trauma-informed organizational change and the key development areas in each stage, and provide resources and examples that can be used for action planning. This manual serves as both a guide and a workbook by providing opportunities for you to utilize specific tools and worksheets in order to assess your organization or system’s current state and plan for next steps.”

Published 2/28/19