About Us

The vision of IRRI is to create and share practical knowledge on immigrants and refugees and to improve their lives in the region, in the nation and in the world, with a particular focus on refugee issues in collaboration with Western New York newcomer communities. Based on human rights perspectives, the members of the IRRI utilize research as a tool to sustain the dignity of every immigrant and refugee. 

The IRRI is a meeting place for all stakeholders interested in developing knowledge, policy and practice related to immigrants and refugees where scholars interested in working with immigrants and refugee populations share and exchange ideas with each other and with newcomer community leaders/members.

Aims of the Institute

  • To conduct research on issues to improve the welfare of immigrants and refugees by studying issues including health, mental health, behavioral health, poverty and immigration policy.
  • To engage in research and service partnerships with community agencies through sharing/disseminating scholarship and community based participatory research.
  • To enhance the School’s capacity to work with immigrant and refugee populations in respectful and productive ways.
  • To build capacity within the immigrant and refugee community.

IRRI is run by Director Dr. Wooksoo Kim and supported by numerous faculty and student affiliates.

Contact Information

219 Parker Hall
University at Buffalo, South Campus
Buffalo, NY 14214-8004
Email: sw-irri@buffalo.edu