Our Director and Affiliates

Our Director, Wooksoo Kim, facilitates the development and implementation of IRRI’s mission and vision with the guidance of IRRI's Advisors. IRRI's affiliates are faculty, staff and students who are involved in research and projects related to immigrants and refugees.

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UB Faculty Affiliates

Professor Robert Adelman.

Robert Adelman
Professor, Sociology
Research Interest:
Urban Sociology; Race and Ethnicity; Internal Migration; Inequality; Segregation; Sociology of Immigration
Email: adelman4@buffalo.edu

Kafuli Agbemenu.

Kafuli Agbemenu
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Research Interest: African Refugees and Immigrants; Reproductive Health; Health Promotion
Email: agbemenu@buffalo.edu

Abigail Cooke.

Abigail Cooke
Associate Professor, Geography
Research Interest:
Immigrants and Refugees; Urban & Regional Studies; Regional Labor Markets
Email: amcooke@buffalo.edu

David Gerber.

David Gerber
Professor Emeritus, History
Research Interest:
Historical Immigration and Resettlement; United States Immigration Law
Email: dagerber@buffalo.edu

Youn Kyoung/Lily Kim.

Oscar Gil-Garcia
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
 Interest: International migration; Race, Class, Gender; Barriers to Health
Email: oscargil@buffalo.edu

Isok Kim.

Isok Kim
Associate Professor, Social Work
Research Interest:
Asian Immigrants & Refugees; Ethnic Minorities; Racism; Mental Health
Email: isokkim@buffalo.edu

Alex Judelsohn.

Alexandra Judelsohn
Assistant Professor, Urban and Regional Planning
Research Interest:
Refugees and Immigrants; Political Participation; Food Systems; Built Environment
Email: ajudelso@buffalo.edu

Sunha Kim.

Sunha Kim
Associate Professor, Education
Research Interest:
Immigrant Students; Survival Analysis; Educational Outcomes
Email: sunhakim@buffalo.edu

Wooksoo Kim.

Wooksoo Kim
Associate Professor, Social Work
Research Interest:
Immigrants and Refugees; Acculturation; Mental Health; Alcohol Use
Email: wkim5@buffalo.edu

Li Lin.

Li Lin
Professor Emeritus, Industrial & Systems Engineering 
Research Interest:
Healthcare Systems; Healthcare Quality and Process Improvements
Email: indlin@buffalo.edu

Arabella Lyon.

Arabella Lyon
Professor Emeritus, Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
Research Interest:
Migration; Mobility; Europe; United States
Email: alyon@buffalo.edu

Image of Joanne McLaughlin.

Joannne Song McLaughlin
Associate Professor, Economics
Research Interest:
Labor & Public Economics; Immigration Policy
Email: jsmclaug@buffalo.edu

Shaanta Murshid.

Shaanta Murshid
Associate Professor, Social Work
Research Interest:
Economic Interventions; Structural Violence; Intimate Partner Violence
Email: nadinemu@buffalo.edu


Yunju Nam
Associate Professor, Social Work
Research Interest:
Social Policy; Poverty; Asset Building; Immigrants and Refugees 
Email: yunjunam@buffalo.edu

Erkin Ozay.

Erkin Özay
Assistant Professor, Architecture & Planning
Research Interest:
Multicultural Urban Environments
Email: eozay@buffalo.edu

Gina Prescott.

Gina Prescott
Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy
Research Interest:
Refugee Health; Global Noncommunicable Diseases
Email: gmzurick@buffalo.edu

Deborah Reed-Danahay.

Deborah Reed-Danahay
Professor, Anthropology
Research Interest:
Migration; Mobility; Emplacement; Europe
Email: der5@buffalo.edu

Rick Su.

Hua Helen Wang
Associate Professor, Communication
Research Interest:
Entertainment; Education for Health Promotion & Social Change
Email: hwang23@buffalo.edu

X. Christine Wang.

X. Christine Wang
Professor, Education
Interest: Early Learning & Development; International Education; Technology; Digital Literacies
Email: wangxc@buffalo.edu

Hilary Weaver.

Hilary Weaver
Professor Emeritus, Social Work
Research Interest:
Multicultural Social Work; Indigenous Populations; Refugees
Email: hweaver@buffalo.edu

Lois Weis.

Lois Weis
Distinguished Professor, Education
Research Interest:
Race and Ethnicity; Equity & Poverty; Class & Gender Stratification
Email: weis@buffalo.edu

Barbara Wejnert.

Barbara Wejnert
Professor, Transnational Studies
Research Interest:
Immigration; Refugee's Social Adaptation & Acceptance
Email: bwejnert@buffalo.edu

External Faculty Affiliates

Edward Alessi.

Edward Alessi
Rutgers University, Social Work
Interest: Stress/trauma among LGBTQ+ migrants; community-based health
Email: ealessi@ssw.rutgers.edu

Aysegul Balta.

Aysegul Balta
Uskudar University in Istanbul, Sociology
Interest: Refugee & Immigrant Integration; Immigration & Integration Policies
Email: aysegulb@buffalo.edu

Odessa Gonzalez Benson.

Odessa Gonzalez Benson
University of Michigan, Social Work
Research Interest:
Refugees and Immigrants; Critical Policy Studies
Email: odessagb@umich.edu
Just Futures: An action research collective on displacement, migration and urban studies

Odessa Gonzalez Benson.

Hyojin Im
Virginia Commonwealth University, Social Work
Research Interest:
Refugee Trauma & Mental Health
Email: him@vcu.edu

Suk-Young Kang.

Suk-Young Kang
Binghamton University, Social Work
Research Interest:
Asian American Immigrant Elders; Health Access; Immigrants and Refugees
Email: sykang@binghamton.edu

Youn Kyoung/Lily Kim.

Youn Kyoung/Lily Kim
Louisiana State University, Social Work
Research Interest
: Refugees; Behavioral Health Inequalities; Financial Empowerment
Email: ykim@lsu.edu

Arati Maleku.

Arati Maleku
Ohio State University, Social Work
Research Interest:
Forced Migration; Social Determinants of Health; Feminization of Migration
Email: maleku.1@osu.edu

Livianna Tossutti.

Livianna Tossutti
Brock University, Political Science
Research Interest:
Political Participation & Representation of Immigrants
Email: ltossutti@brocku.ca

Mitra Naseh.

Mitra Naseh
Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis
Research Interest:
Well-being of Refugees and Immigrants; Multidimensional Poverty; Migration Policy; Trauma and Forced Migration
Email: naseh@wustl.edu

Wonhyung Lee.

Wonhyung Lee                                                                                                        University at Albany, SUNY, Social Work
Research Interest:
Multiethnic Neighborhood Dynamics; Refugee Access to Jobs; Community Economic Development
Email: whlee@albany.edu

Asli Yalim.

Asli Yalim
University of Central Florida, Health
Interest: Use of Mental Health Services Among Refugee & Immigrants
Email: asli.yalim@ucf.edu

Student Affiliates

Aysegul Balta.

Megan Baily
UB School of Social Work
Research Interest:
Refugees and Immigrants; Barriers to Integration and Community Inclusion
Email: bailey25@buffalo.edu

Sarah Richards-Desai.

Shiyue Cui
UB Department of Sociology
Research Interest:
Refugees and Immigrants; Race and Ethnicity; Gender
Email: shiyuecu@buffalo.edu

Drumond Dzakuma.

Drumond Dzakuma
UB Department of Geography
Research Interest:
Migration; Medical Geography; Non-communicable Diseases; Urban Health; Health Disparities
Email: drumondd@buffalo.edu  

Krisztina Baltimore.

Jay Kim
UB School of Social Work
Research Interest:
Community Organization and Development; Immigrant and Refugees
Email: jaykim@buffalo.edu

Meschelle Linjean.

Meschelle Linjean
UB School of Social Work
Research Interest:
Displacement, Land and Place, Belonging and Connectedness, Indigenous Peoples
Email: meschell@buffalo.edu

Sarah Richards-Desai.

Sarah Richards-Desai
UB School of Social Work
Research Interest:
Capabilities; Economic Integration; Networks of Refugees; Gender
Email: scrichar@buffalo.edu
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