Refugee Resettlement

map of Buffalo, NY.

Programs providing initial resettlement services to newly arrived refugees. 

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  • Catholic Charities

    Catholic Charities offer the comprehensive services of any human service organization covering all eight counties. The organization specializes in refugee resettlement, employment counseling, medical case management, legal and other services. All refugees are eligible and language assistance available.


    20 Herkimer St.
    Buffalo, NY 14213


    (716) 842-0270

  • International Institute of Buffalo (IIB)

    International Institute of Buffalo, a multi-service agency, provides resettlement and integration programs, interpretation and translation services, case management for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, and cultural competency and educational programs. The Institute welcomes, connects, and empowers the foreign-born, and encourages the region’s support for different cultures. Eligibility varies by the program and language services are available.


    864 Delaware Avenue
    Buffalo, NY 14209


    Lauren Maguire
    (716) 883-1900 ext. 361

  • Jericho Road Hope Refugee Drop-in Center

    Hope Refugee Drop-In Center provides post resettlement assistance for refugees, varying from signing up for public benefits, paying bills, enrolling for school, and so on. All refugees and immigrants in their post-resettlement stage (6 to 9 months after their U.S. entrance) are eligible and Karen, Burmese, Karenni, Arabic, Swahili, Farsi, Dari, Nepali, and Thai language services are available.


    248 West Ferry Street
    Buffalo, NY 14213


    Mustafa Ali
    (716) 881-0539

  • Jewish Family Services (JFS)

    Jewish Family Services provide counseling, career services, torture survival, and healthcare. JFS also supports facilitating refugee entrance into the U.S., providing housing, food, and clothing (requires screening). JFS also provides employment services and ESL training; secures health care and other social support services; public school enrollment, and general mental and behavioral health support. All refugees with documentation are eligible and language services are available.


    70 Barker St.
    Buffalo NY 14209


    Meghan Perry
    (716) 883-1914 ext. 339

  • Journey’s End

    Journey’s End provides a diverse set of services for refugees including unemployment insurance applications, interpretation, refugee employment, refugee resettlement, legal, housing services, education, and so on. Eligibility varies by program and over 45+ language services are available.


    2495 Main Street, Suite 530
    Buffalo, NY 14214


    (716) 882-4963