Next Steps for Accepted Non-Degree (Non-Matriculated) Students

After receiving your acceptance, complete the following steps to finish enrolling in classes.

1. Confirm your attendance

To confirm your attendance, you must complete the offer of admission reply form in your application status portal.

2. Activate your UBIT name

  • Within a few days of your acceptance, you will be able to view your person number and UBIT name in your application status portal. Your single use password and instructions for changing it will be emailed to you within a week.
  • Watch an intro to UBIT here.
  • Your UBIT name will allow you to log in to your UBMail, HUB, UBLearns, wireless campus networks, etc.

Your UB email is the official method of communication between you and the university. Please be sure to check it regularly to receive important messages and updates.

If you have previously been affiliated with the University at Buffalo your UBIT name and password remain the same and you will not receive a new password. 

Forgot your UBIT name and/or password? Contact the UBIT Help Desk at 716-645-3542 or

3. Submit immunization records

In accordance with New York State Public Health Law, UB requires that all students submit a student health form.

Mail all health forms to:
Health Services, Michael Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14214-3007
or fax to (716) 829-2564

If you are taking ONLY ONLINE CLASSES, you can request an exemption from the immunization requirement. 

UB students will not be allowed to register for classes until they have fulfilled these requirements.

4. Enroll in DUO and remove holds in HUB

Before you are able to access your HUB account and other UBIT services, you must enroll in DUO two-step verification. Two-step verification is the new standard for account security on the Internet. It pairs something you know (your UBITName and password) with something you have (like a smartphone or a security key) to provide secure access to your UB services.

Next, remove any holds in HUB:

  1. Log in to the HUB Student Center through MyUB and review your "Holds" box. 
  2. Click on the holds individually to read and affirm. 

UB students cannot register for classes until they have fulfilled these requirements.

5. Register for classes

View available elective courses to see your options and view course details, including registration numbers.

  • If you are taking courses for your LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) exam, be sure to check our clinical course list to be sure the course you select is clinical.
  • If you are a NY LMSW or LCSW taking a course for continuing education hours, you must obtain a B- or better to obtain a certificate. Look at the elective course descriptions to see which ones count for CEUs. 

Non-degree students are only able to register for classes during the open enrollment periods. Please see the Registrar’s website  and choose the appropriate semester for dates and more information on when you can register.

Enroll in your classes via the HUB Student Center, which is available in MyUB.  

View more information about HUB, including how-to videos, here.

Additional information for students taking online courses

If you are planning to take only online classes, please note the following:

Online students can request that some of the fees be waived. 

Online courses can be accessed in UBLearns by the first day of class, if not beforehand.

Billing information

UB no longer mails student bills. You will view and pay your bill in your student HUB center

For questions about billing, contact the Student Accounts Office


If you decide not to take a course you have registered for, it is your responsibility to drop the course by the liability deadlines. Otherwise you will be obligated to pay for the class. View financial liability deadlines.

Please note that non-degree students:

  • May only register for a maximum of 6 credits in any given semester
  • May only register for graduate courses listed as electives
  • Are only admitted for one semester and must obtain permission to take additional non-degree courses in subsequent semesters

Our MSW degree options require 9 credits of electives. Therefore, we do not recommend taking more than a total of 9 elective credits without first speaking with a School of Social Work admissions representative.