Corporate Practice Update

In June 2010, the NYS Legislature passed a law addressing the practice of clinical social work and other scope-protected tasks in unauthorized corporate settings.

Chapters 130 and 132 of the Laws of 2010 changed the Education Law in regard to settings that are authorized (1) to provide social work, psychology, and mental health practitioner services and (2) to employ individuals licensed or authorized to practice the professions of social work, psychology, mental health practitioner, medicine and nursing, effective June 1, 2010. In order to provide these professional services, certain not-for-profit, religious and education corporations must obtain a waiver or have some other legal authority to do so.

The law authorizing waivers from the corporate practice restrictions may be found in section 6503-a of the Education Law. This section was amended to include applied behavior analysis as a professional service that may be provided by an entity holding a waiver issued by the Department, effective July 1, 2014.

New York State Education Department FAQ’s related to the subject

Waiver application available on the New York State Education Department website