Students considering an out-of-region or international placement should consult with their Advisor and the Student Services Director regarding their ability to meet SSW program requirements before arranging a meeting with the Director of Field Education.  

A minimum of 480 hours must be completed in one semester, which is generally the student’s final semester of the program (Spring or Summer).

Students interested in an out-of-region or international placement will need to:

  1. Meet with the student services coordinator and advisor to determine a possible course sequence that ensures all program requisites are met before placement and identify a plan for meeting degree requirements, including the expected date of graduation.
  2. Inform the director of field education by email as early as possible that they are aiming for this, but no later than the due date for advanced year field applications. Additional time allows for the degree of planning that is often required. Include in the email the following: (1) the geographical area preferred and (2) reason for interest.
  3. Also indicate interest in international or out-of-region placement on the field placement application and submit to the Field Office by due date. Please note that local agency choices should also be identified in the event that an out-of-region or international placement is not secured.
  4. Submit the three required reference forms, located in the Forms section of the My Field Education Portal, to the director of field education for approval to move forward.
  5. After researching potential placement agencies, provide the director of field education with a list of prospective sites. The director of field education will help determine site interest in hosting a UB SSW intern.
  6. The proposed site must be approved by the director of field education, i.e. an agency must provide educational opportunities that will meet the course objectives of Advanced Year Field; an agency must provide appropriate supervision.
  7. Please note that students will be expected to narrow down agency options to a reasonable number and limit their contact to serious inquiries. The student, in conjunction with the field education director, will make initial contact with an agency by email or phone. Based on that communication, a student may follow up by sending a hard copy of a cover letter and resume (supplementing one that may have been sent electronically).
  8. Field Department staff will follow up with requisite paperwork. Please note that formal affiliation, where required, can take a number of months to complete.
  9. A student may set up an interview to occur in person, by phone, or through Skype or other technology.
  10. Confirmation of acceptance should be secured early on in the process, no later than six months prior to planned departure.
  11. Some placement choices may not be feasible due to limited resources and availability of qualified social worker to provide supervision.
  12. International placements will require that students obtain additional medical insurance (available through the UB Medical Insurance office), as well as obtain relevant VISA and vaccinations. Students should also plan to visit the Financial Aid Office at UB regarding eligibility.

Students must be in good standing in order to be eligible for out-of-region or international placements. Students cannot be in the midst of an unresolved official review process unless they have explicit permission of their review committee.

The director of field education will assign a faculty liaison prior to the start of placement who will serve as a resource and a source of accountability via phone and email.