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Meet our field education staff:

Laura Lewis, Director

Laura A. Lewis

Assistant Dean for Global Partnerships; Director of Field Education

634 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1232; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Oversees the Field Department staff and day-to-day operations.
  • Assigns all faculty liaisons to their students/agencies.
  • Negotiates and monitors all field related contracts, including paid outside field educators, adjunct faculty liaisons and agency contracts.
  • Develops all international placements (except Canada).
  • Coordinates/chairs all student field termination review meetings.
  • Responsible for contents of Field Manual.

Please consider contacting Laura (or direct a student/agency to contact Laura) regarding administrative issues such as UB SSW HR personnel issues/questions and requesting an exception to or a change in policy. In addition, Laura may be contacted regarding international placements or when unable to reach or to express concerns regarding a member of the Field Department.

Zoe Koston, Senior Field Education Coordinator

Zoe A. Koston

Senior Field Coordinator

637 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1236; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Places students in Erie and Niagara Counties.
  • Assists with placement development.
  • Oversees Adjunct/Faculty Liaisons.
  • Co-develops trainings and orientations.
  • Responsible for contents of Faculty Liaison Handbook.

Please consider contacting Zoe (or direct a student/agency to contact Zoe) with any questions that arise when performing the duties as a faculty liaison, regarding questions about the placement process for agencies in Erie and Niagara Counties.

Marjorie Quartley, Assistant Director of Field Education

Marjorie Quartley

Assistant Director of Field Education

635 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1233; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Coordinates placements for students in Canada and counties outside of Erie and Niagara.
  • Oversees Employment Based placement process.
  • Coordinates placements for students involved in Hartford Partnership Program and Aging Education.
  • Coordinates the development of new field placements opportunities and conducts new site visits.
  • Co-develops and implements trainings and orientations for students and/or field educators.

Please consider contacting Margie (or direct a student/agency to contact Margie) with questions regarding new field placement development; placements in Canada, Rochester area and Jamestown area; and employment based placements.

Kathryn Griswold, Field Administrative Coordinator

Kathryn E. B. Griswold

Administrative Field Coordinator

636 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1234; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Overseas the maintenance of the Field Database that tracks all placement information (student, field educator, task supervisor, agency and liaison).
  • Responsible for oversight of field’s web based information and paperwork (i.e. field application materials, advanced year agency search, etc.).

Please consider contacting Kathryn (or direct a student/agency to contact Kathryn) with questions regarding process of completing necessary placement paperwork, questions regarding access to on-line information, affiliation agreements, list-servs, tuition waivers and continuing education vouchers.