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Meet our field education staff:

Laura Lewis, Director

Laura A. Lewis

Assistant Dean for Global Partnerships; Director of Field Education

634 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1232; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Oversees the Field Department staff and day-to-day operations.
  • Assigns all faculty liaisons to their students/agencies.
  • Negotiates and monitors all field related contracts, including paid outside field educators, adjunct faculty liaisons and agency contracts.
  • Develops all international placements (except Canada).
  • Coordinates/chairs all student field termination review meetings.
  • Responsible for contents of Field Manual.

Please consider contacting Laura (or direct a student/agency to contact Laura) regarding administrative issues such as UB SSW HR personnel issues/questions and requesting an exception to or a change in policy. In addition, Laura may be contacted regarding international placements or when unable to reach or to express concerns regarding a member of the Field Department.

Zoe Koston, Senior Field Education Coordinator

Zoe A. Koston

Senior Field Coordinator

637 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1236; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Places students in Erie and Niagara Counties.
  • Assists with placement development.
  • Oversees Adjunct/Faculty Liaisons.
  • Co-develops trainings and orientations.
  • Responsible for contents of Faculty Liaison Handbook.

Please consider contacting Zoe (or direct a student/agency to contact Zoe) with any questions that arise when performing the duties as a faculty liaison, regarding questions about the placement process for agencies in Erie and Niagara Counties.

Marjorie Quartley, Field Education Coordinator

Marjorie Quartley

Field Education Coordinator

635 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1233; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Coordinates placements for students in Canada and counties outside of Erie and Niagara.
  • Oversees Employment Based placement process.
  • Coordinates placements for students involved in Hartford Partnership Program and Aging Education.
  • Coordinates the development of new field placements opportunities and conducts new site visits.
  • Co-develops and implements trainings and orientations for students and/or field educators.

Please consider contacting Margie (or direct a student/agency to contact Margie) with questions regarding new field placement development; placements in Canada, Rochester area and Jamestown area; and employment based placements.

Kathryn Griswold, Field Administrative Coordinator

Kathryn E. B. Griswold

Administrative Field Coordinator

636 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1234; Fax: 716-645-3157


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  • Overseas the maintenance of the Field Database that tracks all placement information (student, field educator, task supervisor, agency and liaison).
  • Responsible for oversight of field’s web based information and paperwork (i.e. field application materials, advanced year agency search, etc.).

Please consider contacting Kathryn (or direct a student/agency to contact Kathryn) with questions regarding process of completing necessary placement paperwork, questions regarding access to on-line information, affiliation agreements, list-servs, tuition waivers and continuing education vouchers.