Requirements of the VMF Focus

  • Course: SW720 Introduction to Issues in Veteran and Military Family Care; typically taken in the foundation year (3 credits).
  • Field Placement(s): Required in the advanced year; an additional VMF foundation year placement is optional. Minimum of 6 credits.
  • Inter-Professional Seminar: Four meetings (two each semester) over the course of the advanced year field placement. No credits.
  • Portfolio of VMF-Relevant Assignments: Additional graded assignments from 3 or more courses with veterans and/or military families as the target population. The majority of assignments are from the Advanced year.
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Placement at the VA

The Veterans Health Administration of Western New York offers competitive advanced year student placements for MSW students.  Priority is given to students involved in the Joining Forces-UB project.

Stipend-Based Placements

The number of stipends varies in any given year and are only granted to interns in their advanced year. Students should select the VA as their advanced year placement. The stipends are competitively awarded to accepted applicants. The stipend amount is approximately $5,500.

Psychopathology Requirement

The Veterans Health Administration recommends that all interns take a graduate level psychopathology course prior to MSW program completion.

Some Veterans Health Administration programs require interns to have taken Psychopathology at the graduate level prior to placement. These include: Mental Health Intake and Evaluation Unit, Mental Health Clinic, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Programs. Placements in the Day Treatment Center and Healthcare for Homeless Veterans require that Psychopathology be taken prior to placement or during the first semester of the advanced year.

Additional Requirements

  • Males born after 1959 need to have registered for the Selective Service.
  • Interns who served in the U.S. Military must have been Honorably Discharged.
  • If an intern is not a citizen, the Medical Center director must approve that person for an internship. Non-citizens are not eligible for a stipend.
  • All interns will need to have a background check and security clearance prior to starting their internship.
  • A negative PPD test within the last year, or, for a positive PPD test, a health statement that indicates the student is asymptomatic is required.
  • A negative chest x-ray or a health statement that indicates that the student is presently asymptomatic.
  • Proof of Hepatitis B vaccine series or declination of same.
  • Proof of Td (Tetanus-diphtheria) booster within 10 years.
  • Proof of immunity against measles (Rubcola) and German measles (Rubella).

Any reference to branches of the United States armed forces—either in copy or through the use of still or motion visuals—does not constitute an endorsement of the university by the United States Department of Defense or any unit thereof.