About Us

About Ittic.

Mission and Vision

Part of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, the Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (ITTIC) is dedicated to providing the public with knowledge about the deleterious effects of trauma, and promoting the implementation of trauma informed care principles across various disciplines. Recognizing the centrality of trauma is the key to accomplishing ITTIC’s overall mission of establishing a multidisciplinary trauma-informed system of care, thus ensuring that service systems are not retraumatizing already vulnerable populations.

ITTIC oversees independent studies, field placements and funded research projects and grants that provide all or some aspects of the following: evaluation, trauma-specific treatment interventions, training, technical assistance and consultation for organizations regarding trauma-informed care. In addition, ITTIC works collaboratively with other disciplines at the University at Buffalo and other academic institutions.

Who We Are

Our Directors and Affiliates

ITTIC is supported and guided by our team of talented directors and affiliates, who possess an array of skills and expertise that translate to informed, cutting edge research rooted in real-world impact and best and current practices.

Our Logo

Jenna Raphael, MSW ’13, shares her experience designing ITTIC's logo.

Expert Advisory Panel

Meet our Advisory Panel and learn more about their expertise in trauma and trauma-informed care.