Niagara Collaborative Wrap-Up

Niagara Collaborative wrap-up, March 2023.

2/23/24 - As we reach the Niagara Collaborative's one-year anniversary, we want to thank our 2022-2023 champions for their hard work in Niagara, Ontario. Through this collaborative, we were able to continue partnerships and spread the knowledge of trauma-informed care to Canada. The collaborative was left with resources and work plans to continue their organizational change, as well as a professional community dedicated to change. If your community partners want to form a collaborative, click here for more information. 

New Online Trauma-Informed Course Modules Available

ITTIC to Present in the 2024 Intersection of Science, Treatment and Policy Conference

1/29/24 - From Feb. 2-3, the 2024 Intersection of Science, Treatment and Policy Conference will be held virtually in support of improving patient care by the NYSAM and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Samantha Koury, ITTIC co-director, will present on "Noticing and Addressing the Impact of the Work" on Feb. 3:

  1.  Discuss the ways the workforce can be negatively impacted by the work 
  2. Identify how the workforce can be positively impacted by the work
  3. Explore trauma-informed strategies for addressing the impact of the work (self/peer/organization) 

For the full speaker list, check out the 2024 conference program

Niagara Falls City School District Professional Development Day

1/29/24 - On Jan. 26, the ITTIC team went to Cataract Elementary School, Gaskill Prep and LaSalle Prep for three professional development days. The topics ranged from understanding how trauma and adversity impact students and the workforce, to emotion regulation, to the impact of the work and self-care strategies. 

Niagara Falls High School Student Team Responds to Holiday Burnout

1/11/24 - The Niagara Falls High School Student Champion Team went to the Niagara Outlet Mall to hand out affirmation cards and have conversations with shoppers about the impact of holiday time, including burnout, boundaries and adversity. The team gave out over 150 affirmations and had a successful first community event.