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ITTIC Wraps Up Training with City Year

6/1/21 - After a five month long partnership, ITTIC wraps up training 20 City Year members on trauma and trauma-informed educational practices. Members ranged from ages 18-24, and are now able to take their knowledge with them as they transition from working in the five Buffalo Charter Schools out into their next opportunity. 

ITTIC Begins New Partnership with Lockport City School District

5/1/21 - For the next two years, ITTIC will be in partnership with Lockport City School Districts in order to provide trauma-informed evaluation, training, and consultation. As part of their awarded STOP Violence Grant, the district has committed to incorporating trauma-informed and restorative practices within their schools. You can learn more about it here

ITTIC Begins Champion Collaborative with Westchester County

4/12/21 - ITTIC trained a total of 37 leaders from across Westchester County today in the formal kick-off of a five-month learning collaborative. Champions will learn about the 10 key development area for trauma-informed change through monthly online consults. You can learn more about it here.

Map of the world with 46 countries filled in using the color blue to signify that the ITTIC manual has been requested.

3/30/21 - ITTIC's Trauma-Informed Organizational Change Manual has now been downloaded more than 5,000 times by individuals and organizations spanning 46 countries across the globe, as well as in every US state.

To see which countries have requested the manual, click on the image to the left to see a larger map.

To request ITTIC's Trauma-Informed Organizational Change Manual, visit the website.

The ITTIC team appreciates the continued interest in using our manual as a guide to effect organizational- and system-level culture change, and remains struck by the meaningful work so many are continuing to do to advance a trauma-informed approach!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts regarding our nanual and/or how we can support you in your own trauma-informed change efforts.

ITTIC's Collaboration in Slovenia Highlighted in UB International

3/15/21 - ITTIC has been providing trauma-informed Champion consultation to two non-profit agencies in Slovenia since summer 2020. The individuals meet virtually with Samantha Koury, project manager, every 1-2 months to discuss and apply ITTIC’s trauma-informed organizational model to their own work. The international collaboration was highlighted in UB International's Fall 2020 issue--please see page 22 for more details. 

ITTIC Partners with the Osborne Association to offer the Buffalo Police Department Ongoing Trauma-Informed Training and Coaching

2/26/21 - ITTIC will be partnering with the Osborne Association from April 2021 through July 2022 in order to develop curriculum and train Buffalo Police Department officers on how to adopt trauma-informed, child-sensitive practices to policing. Read more about the Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents Project here.

ITTIC Team Begins Partnership with Williamsville School District

1/27/21 - ITTIC formally began its collaborative partnership with the Williamsville Central School District last week by providing two offerings of trauma-informed toolbox strategies for the classroom sessions, as well as two virtual support sessions for teachers and staff this week. ITTIC will offer both types of sessions every month for the remainder of the school year, as well as meet with the district's social-emotional learning (SEL) committees. 

ITTIC Team Trains UB Police Officers

1/13/21 - ITTIC team consultants trained over 60 UB Police officers during the first two weeks of January. As of January 13, almost every officer has received foundational education on trauma and trauma-informed practices. ITTIC meet with small groups of officers via monthly consultation sessions for the rest of the academic year in order to continue to build capacity for trauma-informed responses.