ITTIC Spends Full-Day with OASAS Leadership for a Trauma-Informed Organization Retreat in Albany

12/20/22 - ITTIC spent a full-day with 45 selected leaders and the executive team of OASAS for a trauma-informed leadership retreat in Albany. The focus of the retreat was on both trauma-informed organizations and to envision how the trauma-informed approach, harm reduction and justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) inform how the organization continues to do its work moving forward.

ITTIC Facilitates Year-In-Review for Third Cohort of TIC Champions with CHCANYS

12/12/22 - ITTIC facilitated an in-person year-in-review for the third cohort of health center TIC Champions in collaboration with CHCANYS. Five health centers participated in the Champion learning collaborative since August, attending monthly consults and coaching sessions to learn the trauma-informed organizational model. Champions reflected on the process, presented on their direction for work/next steps and received certificates of completion. 

ITTIC Travels to California to Deliver on Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice Responses

11/30/22 - Last week Project Manager Megan Koury and Consultant Ted Adams traveled to Sonora, CA to train criminal justice departments in Tuolumne County on Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice System Responses. There were four different 2-hour long sessions with different departments ranging from the county sheriffs, probation officers, correctional facilities, behavioral and mental health specialists, the courts, and more. 

High percentages of individuals involved in the criminal justice system have histories of significant individual, historical, and.or systemic trauma that can result in challenges to successful navigation and recovery. Trauma-informed responses provide criminal justice professionals with the opportunity to promote safety for all, reduce recidivism and more effectively support the individuals and families they work with. 

ITTIC Travels to San Antonio to University Health Systems

San Antonio Presentation.

11/9/22 - ITTIC went to University Health Systems in San Antonio, Texas for their 2nd Annual TIC Learning Collaborative. Co-Director's Susan Green and Samantha Koury spoke on the importance of the work, and updated them on the new Organizational Change Manual that will be coming out this winter. ITTIC partnered with University Health in 2020 to help them start the process of becoming trauma-informed through the use of our Organizational Change Manual. We look forward to our continued work with them. 

ITTIC Co-Directors Susan Green and Samantha Koury Published in Journal of Community Psychology

10/27/22 - The Journal of Community Psychology published an article, co-written by Susan Green and Samantha Koury, along with external-faculty partner Travis W. Hales and former Co-Director of ITTIC, Thomas H. Nochajski. The article was titled, "Twelve-month organizational study examining the associations among behavioral healthcare worker's perceptions of autonomy, decision-making power, organizational commitment, and burnout: Reconceptualizing the role of commitment in shaping staff member experiences of the work environment." 

The abstract is listed below. Read the full article here.

Previous research has demonstrated that behavioral healthcare workers' experiences of autonomy and decision-making power in the workplace are positively associated with their commitment to the organization and negatively associated with occupational burnout. Models examining the relationships between workplace climate and staff member well-being generally conceptualize workplace climates as predictors of individual commitment and burnout. However, the relationships among these constructs have primarily been explored in cross-sectional study designs. The current study adds to the existing literature by examining the relationships among perceived autonomy and decision-making power in the organizational climate, and individual levels of organizational commitment and burnout over a 12-month period (N=43). The study was done in a public hospital's behavioral healthcare department in the Western New York region. Cross-lagged panel analyses were conducted to assess if time-one scores on perceived autonomy and decision-making power predicted time-two scores of organizational commitment and burnout. Findings indicate that, contrary to popular future states of perceived autonomy and decision-making power. Individual commitment to the organization may be a driving factor in how staff members experience and perceive the service environment. 

ITTIC Co-Director Samantha Koury Presents in CHCANYS22 Hybrid Annual Conference

10/20/22 - On Thursday October 20th in the afternoon, Co-Director Samantha Koury presented in Saratoga, NY at the CHCANYS22 Annual Conference, held by Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS), one of ITTIC's long-term State partners. 

Koury's presentation was tilted, "Compassion Resilience: What it Takes to Keep Doing the Work." Below is a brief summary of what the presentation was about: 

As community health centers continue to navigate providing care for patients and staff in the context of a variety of stressors such as COVID-19, workforce shortages, community violence and increasing demands, it is critical to acknowledge these experiences being witnessed with empathy may be causing stress and secondary reactions. This breakout session will provide space to acknowledge the reality of witnessing all that is happening right now, and discuss strategies for all levels of the workforce to continue to do their work with empathy while being mindful of personal regulation and wellbeing -- a state of having compassion resilience.

ITTIC Co-Director Susan Green to Present in the Rehabilitation Science Seminar Series on October 28th

10/14/22 - Co-Director Susan Green will be presenting on Trauma-Informed Care in Medical and Health Settings for UB's School of Public Health and Health Professionals' Rehabilitation Science Seminar Series. The presentation will take place on Friday, October 28th from 2PM-3PM in 146 Diefendorf Hall, UB South Campus. Below is a summary of the presentation:

Psychological trauma is a pervasive public health problem that impacts social, emotional, physical, and neurological development across the lifespan. Standard medical practices can unintentionally re-traumatize individuals if the potential of a trauma history is not taken into consideration. The goal of a trauma-informed approach is preventing re-traumatization while promoting healing. Re-traumatization is any situation or environment that resembles an individual's trauma,. which then triggers difficult feelings and reactions associated with the original trauma. 

For more information, contact 

ITTIC Presents at the EAPA 2022 Norfolk Institute & EXPO in Virginia

Samantha Koury (left) and Susan Green (right), Co-Director's of ITTIC present at the EAPA Conference in Norfolk, Virginia.

10/8/22 - Co-Director's Susan Green and Samantha Koury traveled to Norfolk, VA to present in the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) 2022 Norfolk Institute & EXPO, presented by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. The EXPO included informative workshops on trauma sensitive and trauma-informed EAP, looking at both visible and invisible disabilities and looking at the resilience in the post-COVID world.

ITTIC's presentation was titled, "Employee Assistance Re-Imagined: Creating Trauma-Informed Workplaces and Maximizing Employee Performance."

ITTIC Releases New Self-Study Course Through Continuing Ed.

10/7/22 - ITTIC has a new self-study course through Continuing Education on Trauma-Informed Supervision. This training will take approximately 1-hour and is useful for all types of supervisors (clinical and non-clinical) who want to be trauma-informed in their interactions with staff. 

Some of the learning objectives include:

  • Explain the impact of trauma and re-traumatization on the workforce
  • Identify how trauma-informed values/principles can promote workforce wellness and productivity 
  • Discuss the positive and negative impacts of the work on staff
  • Identify tools that can be used for trauma-informed supervision 
  • Create next small steps to be more trauma-informed in one's own supervisor role

Click here for more information and to get signed-up. 

ITTIC Kicks-Off Niagara Trauma-Informed Care Collaborative with Over 30 Agencies in Niagara, Ontario, Canada

9/16/22 - ITTIC traveled to Club Italia in Niagara, Ontario to kick-off the new collaborative with over 30 different agencies throughout the region. These agencies make-up a wide variety of community addiction services, housing services, libraries, legal clinics, and other community health organizations. 

This collaborative is looking at organization-level change, with the hopes of promoting a trauma-informed community initiative. Between homework assignments, monthly consults, and conversations, this group will be equipped with the tools and strategies needed to implement trauma-informed organizational change, as well as foster new and important community relations. 

ITTIC Starts the Academic School Year Off Training Over 600 People

9/1/22 - As ITTIC has collaborative partnerships across WNY's many diverse school districts, we have had the opportunity to participate in professional development days, new hire orientations, and back-to-school refreshers. This year, we have touched over 600 people in the past two weeks. All of us at ITTIC are looking forward to starting off a great 2022-2023 school year with our partners.

ITTIC Takes on Syracuse, NY to Collaborate with Housing Visions

Housing Visions Training, a large group of trainees.

6/23/22 - ITTIC project manager Megan Koury and consultant Ann Adams went to Housing Visions in Syracuse, NY to do a four hour in-person training. Housing Visions is a nonprofit developer, general contractor, and property manager with a "mission to be the catalyst for sustainable positive change in neighborhoods through real estate development and community collaboration." This training focused on what trauma and adversity are, how they impact the brain and trigger our survival response, and how to respond in a trauma-informed way.

ITTIC and Housing Visions are partnering to work through the trauma-informed approach and how the sequence of engagement can help impact the connections and relationships between their organization and the community they serve. 

ITTIC Co-Director Susan Green Interviewed for The Buffalo News

6/6/22 - ITTIC Co-Director Susan Green was interviewed by The Buffalo News on what impact trauma has on communities, specifically referring to what had happened on the East Side of Buffalo. Read the article.

ITTIC Project Manager Megan Koury Joins ACEs Awareness Day Planning Committee for NYS

4/25/22 - In April 2019, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proclaimed April 30th as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Awareness Day in the State of New York through Senate Resolution No. 1023

Megan Koury, Project Manager and Trainer at ITTIC, met virtually with other professionals in the field of trauma and adversity to help plan the 2022 ACEs Awareness Day Social Media Campaign. Look out for the hashtag #ACEsAwarenessDay2022 on social media for information on Thursday and Friday April 28th and 29th for more information. Feel free to post on your organization's and/or personal social media to spread awareness as well.

ITTIC Presents at CHCANYS Emergency Preparedness Seminar

4/19/22 - ITTIC Co-Director Samantha Koury presented at the 7th Annual CHCANCYS Emergency Preparedness Seminar on "Positioning Ourselves to Respond Most Effectively" at Baruch College. This presentation was to members of community health centers from across NYS on how being trauma-informed sets the stage for promoting resilience and wellness of the workforce. 

Key Seminar Topic Highlights:

  • Acknowledgment of the reality of now through a trauma-informed lens
  • Focus on how leaders can make intentional decisions to "neutralize the environment" for the workforce
  • Looked at interactions, communication and policies from a trauma-informed lens 
  • Looked at how leaders can set the stage for resilience and growth

ITTIC and Niagara Falls High School Begin Student Champion Team

3/31/22 - After a group of high school students at Niagara Falls High School expressed interest in trauma-informed educational practices, ITTIC and the school district created a student champion team. The group has been meeting on Tuesdays and Saturdays to establish their mission statement and a strategic plan on how to accomplish their goals. 

The students will be making presentations on trauma-informed educational practices to the graduating 8th grade students from Gaskill Prep and LaSalle Prep this upcoming June. 

ITTIC Co-Directors Publish Article with Caring for the Ages

3/4/22 - ITTIC Co-Directors Samantha Koury and Susan Green published an article titled, "Creating Trauma-Informed Long-Term Care Organizations," with Caring for the Ages, a society for post-acute and long-term care medicine, in order to provide an organizational approach to providing trauma-informed care while avoiding re-traumatization. Read the article.

ITTIC Presents at the 2022 Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference

Lisa Cox and Richard Carella present on Trauma-Informed Schools.

2/25/22 - Associate Director Lisa Cox and Niagara Falls City School District Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruct Richard Carella presented in the 2022 Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference, the largest gathering of trauma-informed educators for building resilience and improving children's outcomes. 

The presentation focused on how creating a trauma-informed school district involves responding to the prevalence of trauma by making changes to all levels of district functioning to prevent the potential for re-traumatization of students, families, and staff. Becoming trauma-informed requires strong leadership investment and a strategic implementation plan that includes engagement from all levels of stakeholders. 

Participants identified specific examples of how districts can strategically plan for and implement trauma-informed change; how they can use tools in their own trauma-informed change process; and how to develop initial steps their school and/or district can take in order to begin or continue the trauma-informed change process.

ITTIC Partners with The Niagara Trauma-Informed Care Agency

2/25/22 - The Canadian Mental Health Association Niagara, PenFinancial Credit Union and Armstrong Strategy Group came together to launch an initiative to better understand and reduce the impact of trauma on Niagara's health and social service agencies and the people they serve. ITTIC and The Niagara Trauma-Informed Care Agency formed an initiative that includes two phases: a research phase and an agency strategy development phase. After the initial research is complete, ITTIC will work with a collaborative group to develop respective strategies to become a trauma-informed organization. 

ITTIC Presents for the Buffalo Center for Social Research Grand Rounds

2/9/22 - ITTIC presented for the Buffalo Center for Social Research Grand Rounds on our framework on how to help organizations plan for, implement, and sustain trauma-informed change in ways that ensure safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment while also promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. ITTIC also partnered with Continuing Education to provide CEUs for those who wanted them. 

ITTIC Formally Begins Partnership with OASAS Addiction Treatment Centers (ATCs)

2/3/22 - ITTIC formally began working with the OASAS Addiction Treatment Centers (ATCs) this week by providing a kick-off presentation to all ATC directors and assistant directors on trauma-informed organizations. ITTIC will be meeting with the directors monthly, as well as providing monthly in-person and virtual training, consultation and coaching at the Blaisdell and St. Lawrence ATCs through the end of September. Additionally, ITTIC will be providing regular virtual consultation to the TIC committees at Kingsboro and South Beach to support their continued integration of trauma-informed practices. 

ITTIC Begins Partnership with Lancaster High School Alternative Program (LAP)

2/3/22 - On January 27, 2022, ITTIC provided an initial 2-hour presentation to Lancaster High School Alternative Program (LAP) staff. Moving forward, ITTIC will lead monthly coaching and consultation sessions to help staff further operationalize trauma-informed practices within their roles. This partnership is scheduled to run through June 2022. 

Consultant Whitney Marris Presents during January NYS Trauma-Informed Coalition Meeting

Whitney Marris Presenting.

1/27/22 - On January 24, 2022, consultant Whitney Marris presented to the NYS Trauma-Informed Coalition on different resources that New York State has in activating trauma-informed change with politicians, lobbying efforts, and activism. 

Marris states, "There are many different avenues that New Yorker's can take to mobilize their strengths for advocacy efforts for trauma-informed care." She goes on to explain how we all have power in our own stories, and can change the future with our voice and organizations.