Community Partnerships

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Catholic Health

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From April 2017 to March 2019, ITTIC will be in partnership with Catholic Health Systems in order to begin the process of becoming more trauma-informed.

  • ITTIC is working specifically with Mount St. Mary’s hospital as a pilot by providing evaluation, training, consultation and coaching on trauma and trauma-informed care.
  • ITTIC will also train a Champion Team, with representation from each hospital within Catholic Health, in order to sustain the trauma-informed initiative across the system.

Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Inc. & BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc.

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ITTIC received a grant from the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York in order to provide a 10-week psychoeducational support group for pregnant women and new mothers with opioid addiction.

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  • From November 2017 through October 2018, ITTIC is partnering with both Madonna House at Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Inc. and The Lighthouse at BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc.
  • ITTIC is working with both sites to develop the support group curriculum with a trauma-informed lens.
  • Groups will be ran at both sites.
  • Focus groups and evaluation will be conducted after the completion of each group in order to get feedback from the participants and make adjustments to the group curriculum accordingly.

Cheektowaga Central School District

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From August 2018-July 2019, ITTIC is partnering with the Cheektowaga Central School District to provide training, consultation and coaching in Trauma-Informed Educational Practices.

  • ITTIC will conduct an initial evaluation of all staff in the district around principles of Trauma-Informed Educational Practices.
  • The Mental Health Team will receive bi-monthly coaching/consultation that will prepare them to be in a mentor role.
  • Implementation planning teams comprised of administrators, teacher/departmental leaders and PPS teams will receive ongoing coaching/consultation around trauma-informed organizational planning and beginning implementation.
  • ITTIC will participate in the Day of Wellness professional development day in spring 2019.
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Continuing Education Trauma-Informed Certificate Programs

ITTIC has partnered with the UB School of Social Work's Office of Continuing Education to develop several trauma-informed certificate programs, including an online Trauma-Informed Clinical Foundation Certificate Program and a Trauma-Informed Care & Counseling Certificate Program.

  • The UB Office of Continuing Education has an array of trainings in trauma and trauma-informed care available to social work practitioners of all levels.
  • Trainings are offered both in an online format as well as throughout Western New York.
Logo of the UB School of Social Work DREAM Program

DREAM Program

The DREAM Program embodies the core principles of trauma-informed care, as each relationship established through this program is built on a foundation of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment. Currently, DREAM volunteers serve individuals at the Mary Agnes Manor and Vive, Inc.

  • The DREAM Program was spearheaded in 2004 by the Community Concentration of the UB School of Social Work.
  • DREAM is a volunteer-based program dedicated to the Development of lasting Relationships in the community through Empowerment, Advocacy and Motivation.

Jewish Family Service of Buffalo and Erie County

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From January 2018-August 2018, ITTIC will be partnering with Jewish Family Service to provide trauma-informed care training to staff. In addition, ITTIC will run Seeking Safety/Mandala Trauma Support Groups for clients who receive services from the agency.  

  • Staff in the Care Coordination, Career/Job Development, Immigrant and Refugee Services and the WNY Center for Survivors of Torture programs received psychoeducation on trauma and trauma-informed care.
  • These staff members also receive ongoing coaching and consultation throughout the initiative.
  • ITTIC staff are delivering trauma support groups, based on the Seeking Safety curriculum with the creation of mandala art, to individuals who receive services from Jewish Family Service.
  • The support groups focus on safe coping skills and recognizing/managing experiences of trauma and oppression.

Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District

From January 2018-December 2021, ITTIC will be in partnership with the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District to create the first trauma-informed school district in Western New York.

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  • ITTIC will conduct an initial evaluation of all staff in the school district around the principles of Trauma-Informed Educational Practices.
  • All staff members will receive psychoeducation on trauma and Trauma-Informed Educational Practices.
  • ITTIC staff will provide ongoing coaching and consultation to all staff members and administrators in the district.
  • Representatives from each school will receive additional training and will comprise a Trauma-Informed Champion/Mentor Team.
  • Champions/mentors will be responsible for continuing the organizational change process after the end of the project period.


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From September 2018-February 2019, ITTIC is partnering with KidsPeace to provide trauma-informed care psychoeducation, consultation and coaching.

  • ITTIC trainers will deliver a Trauma 101 psychoeducation presentation to the staff at KidsPeace which will provide an overview of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the impacts of trauma/adversity, re-traumatization and introduce Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) and the 5 guiding principles.
  • ITTIC trainers will provide follow-up consultation to help staff further operationalize TIC within their roles.
  • ITTIC will meet with leadership throughout the project period.

Matt Urban Hope Center

Matt Urban Hope Center building

From January-December 2018, ITTIC will be in partnership with Matt Urban Hope Center to create a trauma-informed environment for staff and clients.

  • ITTIC conducted a baseline evaluation and will conduct a post intervention survey that will evaluate Matt Urban Hope Center's TIC climate, policies and procedures.
  • All staff members received psychoeducation on trauma and trauma-informed care and are currently participating in monthly coaching and consultation.
  • A mentor team was created; these individuals are receiving additional coaching and consultation that focus on the operationalization of Trauma-Informed Care values/principles in administrative roles, messaging and deliberately looking at policies/procedures and the agency's mission and vision.