Trauma-Informed Community Initiative of WNY (TICI)

TICI members.

Alongside BestSelf Behavioral Health, ITTIC serves as one of the administrative homes to the Trauma-Informed Community Initiative of WNY (TICI). The mission of TICI is to lead and assist organizations, individuals and communities through the mobilization of resources in education, prevention and response to the multi-dimensional aspects of trauma as a root cause of our growing public health crisis.

Grand Rounds Speaker Series

The next Grand Rounds events will be determined in 2022. Once the date and speaker have been confirmed, more information will be posted on this page.

Past Grand Rounds Events

2/28/20: Harm Reduction and Trauma-Informed Care: Optimizing Health and Wellness Through Integration presented by Shannon Curry-Izzo

10/11/19: Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga presented by Lidia Snyder

5/31/19: Centering on Mom: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Maternity Care presented by Whitney Mendel

12/5/17: Trauma-Informed Care in DD/ID Systems of Care presented by Erin Gurnett, Michelle Zangerle and Ashley McLimans

9/9/17: Trauma-Informed Care: "Champion Collaborative" TIC champion training, progress, and goals presented by Samantha Koury, Helen Evans, Sue Green and Tom Dodson

Trauma-Informed Community Plan

Cover page of the Greater Buffalo Trauma-Informed System of Care Community Plan.

Through the development of a community plan, TICI has created an action plan for establishing trauma-informed systems of care within Buffalo. Some of the work already completed by TICI includes the creation of a directory that is intended to serve as a public resource for service providers and individuals looking for information on trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive and trauma-specific services, interventions, treatments and resources available or offered in the Greater Buffalo area. Information included in the directory regarding behavioral health providers and practitioners providing trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive and trauma-specific services, interventions and treatments in the Greater Buffalo area is based on the listed providers' and practitioners' self-report to the Coalition and is accurate as of this date of publication, May 22, 2013. The directory also includes information on nationally recognized, evidence-based, trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive and trauma-specific interventions, organizational models and tools.

Beyond this, TICI has also created a PowerPoint presentation that provides individuals with an orientation to trauma. This presentation is available on the TICI website and is being delivered out in the community by a set of trained individuals. In addition to this, TICI hosts conferences and community meetings focused on education and the development of a common language between service sectors.