Hartford Partnership Program in Aging Education Application


Previously funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation Social Work Leadership Institute and the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York, the program equips social workers with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve care and well-being of older adults and their families. The UBSSW is one of 88 schools nationwide that have created training opportunities in competency-based gerontological social work. 

Program components

  • Rotation-Based Field Experience: Interns are placed in partner agencies and experience a rotational model of field within the placement organization, enhancing exposure to the continuum of services offered to older adults and their families.      
  • Specialized Education and Training:
    • Seminars: Held bimonthly/monthly, 90-minute seminars build on internship experiences and focus on competency development in social work practice with older adults.
    • Coursework:  HPPAE students are strongly encouraged to take:
      • Aging Populations and their Families: SW706 (Advanced Topic Analysis)
      • Aging Policies and Programs: SW721 (Elective)
  • Professional Development Opportunities:
    • Cohort Experience: Students in the cohort share both a mutual interest in working with older adults and their experiences in field to enhance learning.
    • Community Partners: Potential engagement with community agencies on aging-specific projects.

Application process

Students interested in applying should submit the following to Dr. Louanne Bakk:

  1. A 300-word abstract which identifies your area of practice choice and why, answers the question, “I am applying for the HPPAE internship because…” and describes your long term career goal as it is now.
  2. A one-page paper (12-point font; double spaced) which describes your interest in social work practice with older adults.
  3. A current resume which includes work and field education experiences in social work.

Please note:   Students need to indicate on their Field Application Agency Request Form’ that they have submitted an application to the Hartford Program. Students should still list three placement agencies so that the placement process can proceed should a student opt out of the program or not be selected.

Please submit your applications to Dr. Louanne Bakk by email (louanneb@buffalo.edu) after you submit your field form.

Following an application screening process, selected HPPAE candidates will be invited to participate in a brief interview with Dr. Louanne Bakk, Katie Mcclain-Meeder and Michael Lynch.