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Rising from the ashes - Trauma Talks

The Trauma Talks series is a collection of interviews that asks individuals to share how they have seen strength and resilience heal wounds of trauma as a result of the use of a trauma-informed approach.

The series will include regular postings of personal accounts, as well as professional accounts (within particular human service settings).

New Featured Trauma Talks

Hear Mary discuss the use of trauma-informed care within the Family Justice Center and Erin talk about her use of the principles in her work as a massage therapist in our "Interviews with Providers."

Interviews with Survivors

The following interviews are personal accounts of trauma survivors and highlight the role of strength and resilience in each of the survivor's journeys.

7/20/16 Lynn talks about the night she and her young daughter left her ex-husband and set foot firmly on the path to recovery and resiliency. Interwoven into her story are the five principles of TIC and how they did and did not play a part on her journey to freedom and healing. 

5/5/16 Listen to Adrian Wu discuss their experiences with the health care system as a neutrois transgender (non-binary) individual. For more information on transgender healthcare click here, or to access Adrian's Youtube channel click here

3/16/16 Khris Decker, social worker, MSW program instructor, and behavioral care consultant, speaks about his experiences in the medical system and various manifestations of trauma-informed care. 

1/15/16 Roger shares with us his journey of resiliency and healing after the passing of his mother. Please note that the sound quality is not perfect, but we think it's still worth a listen!

11/9/15 Barbara shares her experience of a traumatic brain injury and discusses various trauma-informed elements of her journey to recovery. 

Domestic Violence Survivor: Listen to Suzanne talk about her experience of domestic violence and her healing and recovery.

Breast Cancer Survivor: Listen to Debbie, a trauma survivor, talk about her victory over breast cancer, and how strength and resilience have guided her road to remission.

Interviews with Providers

The following interviews feature service providers from various fields talking about their work with trauma survivors and how they have seen strength and resilience among those with whom they work.

8/29/16 Mary Murphy, Executive Director of the Family Justice Center (FJC) describes the services and supports provided by the FJC to survivors of domestic violence. Mary's description illustrates how the five principles of Trauma-Informed Care are operationalized and infused into every aspect of the services provided by the FJC.

8/29/16 Erin Whyte is a registered Massage Therapist in Ottawa, Ontario whose primary focus is with survivors of trauma. In this podcast, Erin describes how all five principles of Trauma-Informed Care come into play in her practice with trauma survivors. If you would like to contact Erin for further information she can be reached through her website.

5/5/16 Tara Hughes, LCSW-R, Project Director of Services to Trafficked Youth at the International Institute of Buffalo, and an emergency/disaster mental health (DMH) consultant and trainer, discusses the utilization of the five principles of trauma-informed care in disaster mental health responses of varying natures.

3/16/16 Françoise Mathieu, co-executive director of TEND Academy and sought-after speaker and educator in Canada, the U.S., and around the world, speaks about compassion fatigue, burnout, and vicarious trauma in the helping field. 

1/15/16 Yvonne discusses her work in the field of addiction and mental health, and reflects on how various elements of trauma-informed care have manifest in her practice and community. 

11/9/15 Dr. Agnes discusses how trauma-informed care manifests and guides work in her private practice as a general practice psychotherapist.

McKenzie discusses how trauma-informed care guides her work with youth who have experienced sexual abuse and youth at risk for HIV.

Medical/Trauma-Based Surgery: Dr. Marissa Bonyun discusses her experiences in trauma-based surgery and trauma-based care.

The Trauma Talks series is produced and created by the Institute on Trauma and Truama-Informed Care. It is our intention to post regular (at least quarterly) updates and interviews, so check back often for new interviews.