What is Trauma-Informed Teaching?

We are committed to using trauma-informed principles to inform our curriculum delivery in order to cultivate educational environments that are congruent with social work values and that support successful educational and professional outcomes.

Because we are committed to professional competence, employing a trauma-informed and human rights approach in the context of curriculum delivery does not mean that students will be able to avoid exposure to traumatic content or to sensitive or difficult topics; that students will never experience stress or distress; or that the curriculum will lack rigor. Rather, the purpose of such an approach is to respect survivors of trauma, not to protect students from learning about trauma.

Trauma-Informed Teaching Resources

Instructors in our program developed the materials listed on this webpage as part of our individual and collective efforts to apply the trauma-informed framework taught in our curriculum to the broader educational context. The impetus for this originated when we set out to infuse a trauma-informed and human rights perspective throughout our curriculum. Since then, we have come to believe that broadening our focus from curricular content to include curriculum delivery (educational practice) is a natural and needed step.

Rationale: These conceptual materials present a rationale for infusing a trauma-informed framework into educational practice.

Supporting Research: These research reports provide empirical support for the need to apply a trauma-informed approach to pedagogy.

Classroom Resources: Here you will find practical resources for use in the classroom.