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Interviews on Interpersonal Violence/Assault

The following interviews are both personal accounts of interpersonal violence/assault survivors and service providers from various fields talking about their work with survivors. All interviews highlight the role of strength and resilience in survivor's journeys toward growth and healing.

Mary (Provider)

8/29/16 - Mary, the Executive Director of the Family Justice Center (FJC), shares the events that led her to become involved in work with survivors of domestic violence. She talks about the collaborative community approach at the FJC, as opposed to the formerly siloed availability of services, which were often confusing and retraumatizing. She goes through the many resources and supports found under one roof at the FJC, such as orders of protection, medical services and advocates to guide the process. Mary reflects on how the five principles of trauma-informed care are operationalized and infused into every aspect of the services provided by the FJC. 

Keywords: domestic violence, safety plans, integrated services

Lynn (Survivor)

7/20/16 - In this podcast, Lynn openly reflects on the day she was held against her will and raped by her now ex-husband. She recounts the victimization, anxiety and fear she experienced in her marriage, as well as how she came to realize her situation was one of domestic violence. Lynn discusses her interactions with law enforcement, counseling and ultimately, the Family Justice Center, where her daughter and she found the services and supports they needed. She shares how the principles of trauma-informed care did and did not play a part in her journey from pain and despair to healing and freedom.

Keywords: domestic violence, counseling, law enforcement, integrated services

Suzanne (Survivor)

4/13/15 - In this podcast, Suzanne shares her story of over two decades of domestic violence, during which time she felt both fearful to stay with her abuser and scared to leave. She reflects on several instances when she left and returned to her then-husband, as well as the events that led to her "breaking point" - leaving him for good. Suzanne talks about the important, empowering role her children have played in her life, as well as traumatizing interactions with law enforcement. She recounts how she moved from emotional numbness to gradually sharing her story with others, particularly through starting her own company. Suzanne reflects on where she has and has not experienced safety and trust in her journey to healing and how she uses her story to connect with other victims of domestic violence. 

Keywords: domestic violence, family dynamics

McKenzie (Provider)

8/15/15 - McKenzie works as a social worker at a medical clinic with youth who are survivors of sexual assault, adolescents with HIV and youth at risk for HIV. In this podcast, she shares how her first field placement as an MSW student led her to work among youth and adolescents in the field of sexual health. McKenzie discusses the ways she sees the principles of trauma-informed care being manifest in her work at the medical clinic, particularly in connecting with and engaging the youth who utilize services.  

Keywords: youth, adolescents, sexual assault, HIV, medical clinic