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Interview on Grief and Loss

The following interviews are both personal accounts of survivors of grief and loss and service providers from various fields talking about their work with survivors. All interviews highlight the role of strength and resilience in survivor's journeys toward growth and healing.

Sandra (Provider)

8/23/17 - Sandra Brackenridge, LCSW, is an Associate Professor at Texas Woman's University (Department of Sociology and Social Work), where she has taught a course on grieving for bachelor level students for many years. In this podcast, she discusses her experiences instructing students on grief and loss from various perspectives, including death and dying, suicide and divorce. She reflects on the emotionally safe environment she strives to create for her students as they grapple with and reflect on their own vulnerability, emotions and life experiences. Additionally, Sandra talks about her unique work developing and facilitating social work programs in veterinary hospitals. She identifies the ways social work and the veterinary hospital intersect, particularly in caring for individuals in the midst of grief and uncertainty. Sandra brings a wide array of experience as an instructor, supervisor and program facilitator to this powerful discussion of grief and loss. *Please note that the interview echoes a bit, but is worth a listen! 

Keywords: loss; grief process; sick and dying pets; veterinary hospitals

Roger (Survivor)

1/15/16 - In this podcast, Roger reflects on his mother's cancer diagnosis when he was thirteen years old. After her death, Roger began to abuse drugs and fall away from the things he had previously cared about. His self-destructive and disruptive behaviors prompted several trusted adults at his school to intervene. Roger reflects on the safety, trust and choice he experienced as he became involved in counseling and a support group of other young people who lost loved ones. He discusses the activities that began to give his life meaning, such as a volunteer organization, Best Buddies, and shares how he has come to find healing and resiliency in the wake of loss and grief. *Please note that the sound quality is not perfect, but it's still worth a listen!

Keywords: death, bereavement, drug abuse, counseling, group therapy