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Interview on Trauma in Youth

The following interview is a personal account of a youth trauma survivor. The interview highlights the role of strength and resilience in the survivor's journey toward growth and healing.

Kenisha (Survivor)

5/22/17 - In this podcast, Kenisha reflects on her experiences of family, foster care and emerging into young adulthood. After being raised by her grandmother, Kenisha entered the foster-care system at 12 years-old, during which time she formed a close, strong relationship with her foster family. Kenisha reflects on how a sense of safety, choice and collaboration with foster agencies and her foster family helped her to grow her sense of self-efficacy, motivation and independence. Kenisha also talks to the audience about starting her own business, the Western New York Music and Arts Movement, with the purpose of working with artists to support the community. Kenisha is a musical artist herself, with various music videos that can be found on YouTube. For more information about the WNY Music and Arts Movement, check out their Facebook page. You can also watch one of Kenisha's music videos, 'Money Moolah.' 

Keywords: foster care, DWI, independent living, music and the arts