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Interviews on Health and Wellness

The following interviews are both personal accounts of trauma in the health and wellness systems and service providers from various health fields talking about their work with survivors. All interviews highlight the role of strength and resilience in survivor's journeys toward growth and healing.

Khris (Survivor)

3/16/16 - Khris is a social worker, clinical supervisor, professional trainer, behavioral care consultant and MSW program instructor. In this podcast, he shares his story of medical-system trauma from the perspective of service recipient. In January 2013, Khris slipped on ice and severely fractured his leg. From the one-hour wait for an ambulance to home-based rehabilitative therapy, he discusses his experiences of safety, trust, choice, empowerment and collaboration as a patient. He reflects on his interactions with service providers who he found to be highly skilled, but not particularly caring or attentive to his individual needs/desires. Khris shares how he advocated for himself during his rehab, as well as how he found strength and healing amidst this emotional and physical struggle.    

Keywords: medical systems, rehabilitation, home-based therapy

Erin (Provider)

8/29/16 - Erin is a registered massage therapist in Ottawa, Canada, who utilizes a trauma-informed massage therapy approach. In this podcast, she recounts why and how she became involved in massage therapy for trauma survivors who have had negative experiences and sensations associated with touch. She discusses her commitment to helping people to connect with and feel better about their bodies, recognizing the impact that touch has across people's lives. Erin reflects on the ways she helps clients to feel safety and trust by being transparent and consistent, as well as the strategies she employs to honor client choice and collaboration before, during and after a massage. If you would like to contact Erin for further information she can be reached through her website.

Keywords: touch, massage therapy, body, boundaries