Social Work Ambassadors

Meet our student ambassadors! If you want to get in touch with them email, and we'll introduce you.

Sheila Harewood

Program: Traditional Part-Time Online MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: CUNY Brooklyn College, BFA and Secondary Education

Areas of Interest: Still deciding/ exploring- but so far, adult survivors of childhood sexual assault, foster care, family services and substance abuse

Hannah Hoebener

Program: Traditional Full-Time MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: SUNY Buffalo State, Psychology

Areas of Interest: Forensic social work, addiction, domestic violence.

Anthony Laureano

Program: Traditional Part-Time MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: SUNY Fredonia, Major: Criminal justice; Minors: English and sociology

Areas of Interest: I am interested in mezzo and macro social work. I want to work within the forensic social work realm.

Holly Sullivan

Program: Traditional Part-Time MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: The State University of New York at Fredonia, Double Majored: Criminal Justice, Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Areas of Interest: Clinical Social Work Forensic Mental Health and Rehabilitation School Social Work Spirituality LGBTQIA+. 

Tyrone Reese

Program: Traditional Part-Time Online MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: Colorodo State University, Psychology 

Areas of Interest: Clinical social work, working with marginalized populations (particularly BIPOC individuals), social justice and equity, working with young adults

Makenzie DePetrillo

Program: Traditional Part-Time MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: SUNY Buffalo, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary (Health and Human Services - Early Childhood)

Areas of Interest: Mental health and housing

Eric Hardwick

Program: Part-time Traditional Online 

Undergrad Inst./Major: SUNY New Paltz, Psychology

Areas of Interest: School social work is my main area of interest, but social justice will be a primary interest regardless of the area I end up. 

Sarah Martin

Program: Traditional Part-Time MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: Nazareth College, Art History

Areas of Interest: Macro social work, policy

Jen Mansaray

Program: Traditional Part-Time MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: University at Buffalo, History and Asian Studies

Areas of Interest: Serious illness, grief, aging, death, macro

Alexandra Meislin

Program: Part-time Traditional Online MSW

Undergrad Inst./Major: SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Community and Behavioral Health

Areas of Interest: School social work, Psychiatric social work, Foster care.

Alexa Williamson

Program: Traditional Full-Time MSW 

Undergrad Inst./Major: Canisius College, Human Services

Areas of Interest: Mental health

Aliza Benson

MSW student Aliza Benson.

Program: Traditional Part-Time Online MSW

Undergrad Inst./Major: SUNY Binghamton, Applied Social Sciences

Areas of Interest: Poverty, elder care, early intervention, and prison reform