Equipment Request

Please read the "Equipment Request and Usage Policy" prior to filling out the form below.

Equipment Request and Usage Policy

  • Please reserve equipment at least 24 hours in advance. The sooner you request the equipment, the better the chance that it will be available for your reservation.
  • To request and reserve equipment for classroom usage please fill out the web form below.
  • Once the staff has confirmed that equipment is available for the time you requested, we will notify you of the reservation via email.
  • Equipment will be loaned out on a first come first served basis with preference given to classroom usage.
  • Equipment for use at UB SSW conferences only and will be available as long as no one else requests the equipment for classroom use at that time. Some restrictions may apply.
  • All equipment must be returned the day that it is borrowed.
  • The equipment must be returned to the main office in 685 Baldy Hall. If it is after normal business hours, the equipment must be returned to 47 D Baldy Hall, using the keys attached to the equipment. No Equipment is to be left in Faculty offices or taken off campus after hours.  This is a requirement in order to better facilitate use of the equipment by other faculty early in the morning.
  • NO equipment will be loaned out for classes on South Campus. For classes in the Ellicott Complex, equipment may be limited.
  • Students are not allowed to request equipment. If a student needs equipment for the class, it is the faculty members’ responsibility to reserve the equipment. We are now requiring the faculty members to come and pick up and drop off the equipment. No equipment will be released to students.
Questions regarding policy, please speak to the Technology Services Group.

Equipment Request Form

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Equipment Requested (Please select all that apply)