Mosaics – Spring 2021

UBSSW Alums Celebrate Social Work Month

Anne Smith, MSW ’02, Natalie Geisbuesch, MSW '19, and Stephanie Seeber, MSW ’19, masked up and wearing UB t-shirts.

This year’s national Social Work Month (March) theme, “Social Workers Are Essential, ”is fitting all the time, and especially now, with the heightened awareness and experience of the array of health and societal issues brought about by the ongoing pandemic. That’s one reason we were pleased to see this Instagram photo. Plus their upbeat attitude and the fact that these women paused their own vital contributions to document the moment—in their UB gear, no less. Natalie Geisbuesch, MSW ’19 says, “We’re celebrating Social Work Month AND Alma Mater Day at Highland Hospital in Rochester! All three of us are UB School of Social Work graduates, and we’re all inpatient social workers on med/surg floors!” [L to R: Anne Smith, MSW ’02, Natalie Geisbuesch, MSW '19, and Stephanie Seeber, MSW ’19]

Inside the issue

Social Isolation and Elderly

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Q&A with Nancy J. Smyth

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What I'm Up to

Portrait of Michelle Fortunado-Kewin.

Virtual IPE Day

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Class Notes

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Dean's Column

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