Buffalo Supermarket Mass Shooting Resources

The racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo on May 14, 2022, devastated our city and community. In the days and weeks that followed, Western New Yorkers came together to support the victims, the East Buffalo community and all who were affected by this horrific tragedy.

Inspired by Black Love Resists in the Rust211 WNY and other organizations, we initially created this page to help share urgently needed resources with our neighbors. Today, we maintain this page as a compilation of organizations offering food, mental health care and other critical services across the community. Please help us keep it up to date by emailing us with new or missing resources.

Updated May 1, 2023

Reflections on a shattering year for Black people in Buffalo

In the April 2023 episode of our podcast, inSocialWork, we reflect on the one-year anniversary of the May 14 massacre. Listen here.

Adjunct instructor Kathryn Franco, MPH/MSW ’18, and Phylicia Brown, executive director of Black Love Resists in the Rust, discuss racial trauma in the lives of Black people in our city and Black people everywhere. They give voice to the ongoing needs of the Jefferson Avenue community and tell us what has changed, what hasn’t and how people are doing one year later.

On This Page

Food Resources and Services

  • Map of food resources in Buffalo (includes pantries, urban gardens, healthy corner stores, supermarkets and more)
  • Big Big Table – a community cafe that provides a dignified response to hunger by offering pay-as-you-can pricing and volunteer opportunities, so everyone can earn what they need by giving what they can
  • Buffalo Community Fridge – a network of community fridges that provide access to fresh and healthy food
  • Buffalo Go Green – a nonprofit that fights food injustice and trains young people from underserved populations to become leaders in green industries and agriculture
  • Feed Buffalo – an organic and halal healthy food center
  • Feed More WNY – a nonprofit offering dignity, hope and a brighter future by providing nutritious food, friendship and skills training to our neighbors in need
  • Freedom Gardens – an initiative of Grassroots Gardens WNY that aims to inspire resilience and independence for Buffalo residents impacted by food apartheid
  • Growing Up Healthy Hotline – call 1-800-522-5006 for information about food access, nutrition assistance, mental health care, health care and children’s needs
  • Rooted in Love – a nonprofit that aids individuals and communities in need of fresh produce, nonperishable foods and hygiene products
  • Unapologetic Coffee – a Black women-owned coffee shop and roastery on Main Street in Buffalo

Mental Health Services

  • Crisis Services – Erie County's 24-hour crisis center
  • Erie County Medical Center – offers mental health, psychiatric and substance use treatment services at the Regional Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health
  • The Healing Hub of NY – a Black-founded organization dedicated to offering services and a safe space for folks to heal from unresolved trauma resulting in struggles such as addiction, abuse and poverty
  • inSocialWork – in a recent episode of our podcast series, Katiuscia Gray, LCSW, describes the mind-body response to trauma and offers tools involving yoga, movement and other bodywork as interventions to promote mind-body healing for youth and people of color
  • Mental Health Advocates of WNY – a nonprofit providing essential nonclinical services that address the needs of individuals, families and communities living with mental illness
  • Spectrum Health & Human Services – offers individualized and meaningful opportunities of hope, empowerment and support for individuals and families as they recover from behavioral, emotional, mental health or substance use-related disorders

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Say Their Names

In memory of the 10 lives we lost on May 14, 2022.

We are deeply saddened by the racially fueled massacre on May 14 at the Jefferson Avenue location of Tops Grocery Store. Together, we mourn the 10 people who lost their lives. 10 portraits of those killed.